Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Creepy crawlers
I took these pictures in the spring, with my lensbaby and the macro on it.
I am reading the 52 projects book, so much fun, makes me really think about things

So the book made me think of these pictures, I just love the colors and the amazement of coming up close with that tiny spider and an ant.
The book gives you all kind of projects to do, and you can give them your own spin to.
Can't wait to work on it some more tomorrow.
Anyway, it was bookfair at school today, it was so busy during lunch, that the line was to long to get everybody into the classroom on time. Some kids have to come back tomorrow to get their books.
We all love books, and T reads a lot, just like me when I was a kid, before falling asleep at night I had to read.
Sometimes I fell asleep while reading, sending me to my room as form of punishment was never a good option, I did not mind at all.
My sister was the opposite, she did not like it at all being send to her room.
Ha, thinking of my childhood brings back memories.
Going to do something crafty tonight, have to make my chirstmas cards before I run out of time.


Anonymous said...

Oh Yes I remember, didn’t ones a pancake followed mom down the stare’s.
I boy did I get mad every time they send me to my room! After that pancake incident they never broad me something to eat upstairs again. Hmmmm I wonder why?

Greetings Anita

Anonymous said...

ha doortje,
ik probeer je al 3 dagen te bellen ,maar krijg geen gehoor je zult het wel druk hebben.
of ik heb en verkeerd telefoon nummer.
veel liefs wietsina en de rest of the family

Anonymous said...

Wow. Fantasic pictures. I was thinking about reading "52 Projects." Now I think I will. Thanks for sharing