Sunday, October 22, 2006

Just another lazy Sunday at our house. Yesterday I spend the day in bed and on the couch, mayor headache will do that for me. but today I am feeling much better and we just had fun around the house.
Tycho and I made some gift packaging out of empty containers. T used his for his crayons, my boy has the same love for the basic grey papers his mom has, and whenever I have leftovers that is the paper he goes for.

We went to the park and played for a little bit, and once home T decided he wanted to play with the hose in the garden. Oh the joys of having a mom with a camera! you have to love the weather here, it is mid- October and still warm enough to play outside and get soaked.

I am watching bridezillas right now, totally funny, just can not believe how everything just has to go right and go of at other people.
relax and enjoy the wedding, it is supposed to be a fun day.
But hey, that is my point of view, and we got married on a monday morning at 10 ! LOL.

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