Monday, October 09, 2006

My first post ever!!

What a good way to keep my family who all live in Holland up-to date on how we are doing.

and of course give everybody a view of my photography and scrapbooking andventures. With this first post a couple of pics I took at the beach. Love going there, love the wind, waves and the sand, especially in this time of the year. I so love the fall and winter!

Maybe it is my Dutch roots, but I love the coloring of the leaves, the windy weather, thick scarves and knitted sweaters and coffee!!

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anita said...

pas maar op next year komen wij ook binnen fallen (hihihhi). Kylian wil dan een pakje met My first Halloween !!. Heb je meteen een idee wanneer wij zo ongeveer willen komen.

Greetings Anita