Wednesday, October 18, 2006

My little friend, named blue-wie, Yes we do know he is yellow. In the store Tycho picked him out of the cage where he was with all his other friends. When we asked him if he knew a name, he named him Blue-wie. And so it is. He is a very friendly little bird. And he is keeping me company in my scraproom every day, and maybe one of these days he will even start talking instead of the very loud tjirping. In the evening he climbs back into his cage and starts mumbling in himself, sooo cute, I love that sound.

I made a cute skeleton for the front door Yesterday, dressed her up with a skirt and gave her a bow on her skull. When I showed my work of to kid and husband, T said, "mom, skeletons never are girlie".


Anonymous said...

HOe kun je dat nu doe een skelet verkleden als een MEISJE !
Dat is toch niet scarry genoeg, niemand die gillend weg loopt hoor.
Ze zullen eerder over de grond rollen van het lachen (hihihihi)

Groetjes Anita en Kylian

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