Wednesday, October 11, 2006

What a third grade teacher can do to my mood, a lot!!!
I am almost FUMING, T got a progress report today.
With a big X behind the sentence "He/She is having problems"
OK, what problems, we know there is a problem with writing it is really bad.
But no, writing was not the problem. After re-reading the bit confusing note T is improving his concentration during class. He is now less often distracted with little play things in and around his desk. And his book report for September was late (!!???Huh)
The biographers was going to be a class project, and was not a home assignment.
And he turned in his biographers, I was a witness to that.
Ever been in a classroom with 20 third graders?
Do you really think they all sit perfectly still?? Come on, I can think of other things than calling that behavior problems!!
Oke, while I am on a roll, T has to do about 40 minutes worth of homework every day, has to write a bookreport (this month it is not a class project) and a current event report every month, by november has to know his multiplications up to 6 forward and backwards.

Well, my complaining is over, just got of the phone with his best friends mom, her son had even three crosses, and she upset to.
Made me feel a little bit better!!

And, my new stamps and my Hambly studio paper came in!!!!!!
I feel some serious scrapping time coming on this evening.
A big pot of coffee, my scrapping suplies and the tv tuned in on Project Runway!!

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Deborah said...

BAHAHAHA! That picture is HILARIOUS! I love little kid drawings and the silly things they write...oh so cute!