Monday, November 13, 2006

Rain, scarves and friends

We went to Carmel Valley on Friday, the weather was perfect, and Tycho fell asleep in the car.
As soon as I turned off the engine, he awakes and asks " Hey we are not home, where are we?"
We walked around, and took some pictures, so I can see where to put the bride and groom in the op coming wedding I have to do there.
We came upon this friendly kitty, with a big belly.
Tycho asked if the cat was pregnant, so Jill asked the lady behind the desk.
Her reply "Well honey we can not all be a size five!" (she was not a size five herself if you feel where this is going).
We just did not got her on a good and friendly day.

Saturday and Sunday we had the boutique at the winery. Saturday started of with pouring rain.
It was cold and wet, but I love these events, every year we meet old and new vendors and we grow a friendship. We spend two days visiting, sharing our stories what happened with our families and friends during the time we did not see each other.
Sunday it was Sunny and warm, lucky for me because I had an outdoor photo shoot.
Ha, and the fun part I sold some of my knitted scarves. I had knitted a couple just for fun, and low and behold there are people who really liked them and snatched them up. At the end of Sunday afternoon I had only two left.
So of to the knitting needles for me because there are more to sell in December. HO HO HO

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Anonymous said...

hmmm zal ik dan ook maar wat wol/garen in jullie december/januari doos gaan stoppen?

Groetjes Anita