Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Look what came in the mail today, a sinterklaas/Christmas package from the Netherlands!
My aunt and Uncle are soo sweet.
Guess what we are having for dinner tomorrow?? Bami, we love it, and besides from kroketten it is a thing I crave sometimes.
Tycho is very happy with his Lego racer and with the Stroopwafels.
The first thing we opened where the salmiak lollies, looooooooooooove those. and the salmiakballen too.
We are so lucky nobody here likes those, so we do not have to share.
Friends already know we love those "spitt balls", and are happy to pass on that treat.
But Hagelslag everybody loves around here, last year I took some to school and made the kids beschuit met hagelslag. They are still asking about it!

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Anonymous said...

En wat zie ik MAGGIE !!!!

Wij moeten ook hoognodig aan een doos beginnen. Het eerste is er al, de doos nu nog de vulling (hihihihi) die is dus nooit meer voor de kerst bij jullie, dat snap je natuurlijk wel.

Groetjes Anita en Kylian