Saturday, December 02, 2006

Cold outside

Finally it is cold outside, and I love it! It is nice an nippy in the morning, sun shining and I can see my own breath.
So nice to wear a sweater, have my knitting and curl up in front of the fireplace (if it actually would burn it would be even nicer) TV on my favorite channel and I knit the evening away.
Oh, and do not ask me what I was watching because I was counting stitches so, the TV is just there for the background noise.
And when I actually take a break it is on commercial..... oh, well.
For some reason the blog does not let me upload pictures, I'll try again later.
Something happened yesterday that blew me away, got me totally by surprise and I still can not believe people can do those things.
I was at school and of course volunteer sometimes, this time I opened car doors at the "drive through" to get the kids save out the car.
Here comes this mom, I open the backseat door, her kid jumps out and in the process knocks over the baby in the car seat. Baby was buckled in the car seat but the car seat was not buckled in the car.
The car seat and baby roll over, on the side, and it was a tiny baby, maybe a couple of weeks old.
While the mom puts up the car seat reaching from the front seat, I ask if she wants me to strap in the seat.
Her reply, "oh, no it is fine this way"
OK, huh......................... she asks me to close the door, and of she goes turning the corner.
I wonder what is she THINKING.
Maybe we need a police officer outside and open car doors, Ha!

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