Thursday, December 28, 2006

Knitting and Grandma's

Knitting away tonight, two more sections and then I can start the heel.
I love knitting socks, little needles and the more work in the sock the better.
The same goes for hats, and I already am planning my next project.
I remember my Grandmother "oma Knalhutte" knitting socks, everybody got socks.
Always the same pattern and the same color.
simple, and straight, and the heel and toes knitted with double yarn for extra strength.
Last year my Aunt and Uncle, send me a pair that where never worn. Oma died when T was only three, and that pair of socks I save for him, as a legacy from his Great grandmother who he only met twice but still talks about.
I also started the holiday mini album this week, fun to do and while I still have some pic's to print, it is going to be finished before the end of the year. (that's my plan anyway)
We had a surprise phone call this morning, Agnes called all the way from Chili. It was so much fun talking to her and hearing all of her stories.
She is traveling all by herself though Chili and Argentina and doing some volunteer work. Very brave and adventurous, so far she is having fun and getting adjusted to the lifestyle.
Now back to my socks, my feet are getting cold!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

ja die oma knalhutte kon er van met haar breien en haar haken.
hopelijk heb je ons kerstkaartje ontvangen.
wij wensen jullie een goed en gezond 2007.

veel liefs de van Esseveldjes