Friday, December 15, 2006

knitting stix

While working on the last batch of cards to send out, T walks in and asks if he can have some knitting sticks.
He wants to learn how to knit, can you teach me Mom??
Of course, so we sit down and to my surprise he quickly picks up and after one row he insists he does it all by himself.
It is going to be a scarf, so he can wear it to school after the Holidays. And "if I practice a lot, than I can knit faster than you mom, and then I will make scarves and socks and hats"
Wow, well first let's see how long this scarf is going to be.
And for the next half hour we work side by side, sharing a little small talk, until it is time to go to bed.

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Anonymous said...

Gaaaaafff en gezellig !!!!
En als ik me niet vergis kan Opa ook breien, dus it run's in the family!
Kylian voorzie ik voorlopig maar niet met breinaalden(hihiihi) trouwens zijn moeder is er ook niet zo handig in.

Groetjes Anita