Friday, December 29, 2006


My sock is growing, the heel is done, and now I am going for the toe. Next project, sock number two (ha, to keep both my feet warm) And now this, T has home work to do, beside his book report and his current event report and two art projects, there is this.
It is a short history of the Celebration of Christmas around the world. One of them is Holland.
Well, I grew up there and never have seen a Zwarte Piet or "black Peter" like this one!
And that is not all, according to the story that goes with this, Dutch people say " Zalig Kerstfeest" when they see Sinterklaas.....................?
this is only the mistake they made for Holland, In south Africa they say according to GERMAN traditions "salig kersfees" introduced by Queen Victoria ????????? HUH, did I miss something at my history lessons?
No need to say, some corrections will accompany this homework.

The coloring in this work is great, regarding that T is totally not into any art whatsoever.

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