Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Oh, the weather outside is fright full

It has been more than a week from my last post, Sorry, but it has been a very busy week.
I am making the last of my X-mas cards and they go out by the end of the week! This weekend we were at the winery, and with the rain it made for huge mud puddles. The boys were playing in them and every night I go home we have to hose of Tycho in the garage and take straight to the shower. What is better for boys than play in the mud and get very (and it is VERY) dirty? On Saturday the boys decided to make a "clubhouse" and when it was done the two oldest boys sat inside while Kev, the youngest one decided to paint the outside. Bright idea, he got hold of a bucket of roofing tar. No need to tell you he was really, really, really dirty!

Some of the cards I made so far, I am very busy knitting too, everybody wants one of those hats i knitted, one parent from school asked me if I could knit her doggy a sweater! HA, isn't that funny?

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