Monday, December 31, 2007

the last post of the year

Two and a half hours to go on this end of the world. We just saw the ball drop in NY.

I finished the mittens yesterday evening, they fit like a glove without the fingers! And they are already taken. J loves them and was wearing them for the most part of today. Now I do have to knit a pair for me (again). I also have found a couple of very nice sock patterns on Ravelry. Not that I don't have anything to knit or on my needles. The log cabin socks are almost done, tomorrow I'll make a picture and post them. They are a really nice thick sock and knowing my husband they will probably end up on his feet! I have tried every kind of pattern or color but he just loves to wear nice home-knit socks and we do have the same size so socks get a lot of wear in this household.

Rest me only to say that we wish you a very good, happy and healthy 2008!
See you next year, tomorrow that is.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

One more day

My recent drink of choice: This thee is so good. We spend the day doing laundry, going for a little road trip and crafting. T is in a painting mood today and painted the breaddough ornaments he made. J and I both got one when the paint was dry.
And I am working on a pair of fingerless mittens for myself. The previous ones I knitted all found new owners and I thought it was finally time to make myself a pair. And to top it all off I am designing them myself. Of course I am knitting them at the same time on the same needle to prevent that I can't remember how I made the first one. They are going to have an after thought thumb. I just do not like the look of a thumb gore on a fingerless mitten. There are going to be more cables and I do like the bobble point I made in them.
These are meant to be finished by tomorrow so I can finally wear them when I am behind my computer, in the winter my office is so cold. I need some warm hands in order to type. And to to it off they will also be handy when I am at work. For some reason it is either cold or really warm in my office.
Only one more day to go in 2007 and then we have another year. I am planning to do more sewing next year, I am thinking of some of those cute aprons from vintage patterns!!
Now only to find cute fabric for those............

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Two more days

I woke up very early this morning, to the sound of the two men in my house whispering around me. They told me they where going on a little "road trip" and T confided in me that when they came back they would have a little surprise for me. Nice, it was not even 6.30 yet!!
So what is a mom to do? Yep, roll onto my other side and continue sleeping! I dreamed of little doggies entering our house all excited to see their new home (dreaming on..........) and I dreamed of a laptop all for my own (still dreaming) But where would they go so early in the morning ?They came back all giddy, and brought me the best gift somebody could ever give me in the early morning, coffee!!!! Not the regular kind I make at home every day, no my favorite, a real treat that I do not get that often. My boys went all the way to Starbucks to get my favorite coffee drink of all a "caramel macchiato". Oh, how I love these surprises, my boys are the best!!
These little things they do make me so happy, best off all I like to watch them interact together. They are truly father and son, and friends not to mention two big goofballs.
I made this Marshmallow tree for our knitting get together last Saturday and forgot to post the picture. Doesn't it look totally fun, and best of all it takes care of that needed sugar and chocolate craving we sometimes have. There is only one suggestion, do not attempt to make this while three boys under the age of 10 are "helping" (eat that is).

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

cocktails and one mit

We celebrated Christmas eve last night with our friends, we had lots of food and we had lots of fun.
T got a watch and books and of course the necessary candy to get the sugar rush needed on these occasions. We spend the day before going to the party with just hanging out and I even finished my mitten. Now it is on to the second one.
The day before J and I had a cocktail, looks very festive the one on the end is T's non alcoholic version. Let me just say this, we definitely are not cocktail people and after one "appletini" we decided we did not like it. I rather have a glass of wine or a glass of beer. T on the other hand loved his version and went straight for the second one (read, licked the sugar of the rim because that was the most fun).

Merry Christmas

A a very Merry Christmas to everybody!

Sunday, December 23, 2007


I made this little mitten, just for fun, before I decide what mittens to knit out of my book. They are all so pretty!
Yesterday afternoon we had our little knitting gathering at M's place and I had already started another mini mitten. This time with three colors, and a little bigger. And yes, I did start another pair of mittens, this time out of this book. The yarn is a DK weight so it knits up much quicker than the other ones that are knit on a size 1 needle. This gives me time to decide what pattern to knit and what colors to use.
Today is a stay-home-and -do-nothing-day, I slept in and had coffee, and cleaned the bird cage and the rat cage and vacuumed my office so far. And T announced he will be in his PJ's all day.
This afternoon I think I will be alternating knitting with some reading.
Happy Sunday!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Snake in the tree

On a chilly morning in late December a noise came from the Christmas tree. I wondered what it was and wandered over. And what did I see? a snake and mouse where playing hide and seek!
My last "present knit" for Christmas and now I finally can knit some other things for myself and finish T's socks. I actually got up and finished it at six in the morning on Thursday so I could give it to the lucky recipient's grandma to sneak in withe the other presents.
And for my final Secret Santa Gift I got this set, I just love the glasses and being a real nerd I have never had a Appeltini or any other kind of martini. Neither shaken nor stirred.
So over the Christmas week J and I are going to try this. It even comes with happy green sugar to put on the rims of the glasses.
Today was my first day of the Christmas vacation, and I did not even sleep in. T and I went grocery shopping very early to beat the crowds. I always get very, very cranky if I have to do groceries. I do not know what it is (ahum I do actually) but shopping does not improve my mood, that is the reason I try to do it only once a week.
Anyway, there are a whole battery of registers and as usual there is only one open. No, two one regular and one "10 items or less". So we had to wait in line for a long time.
T was home in time so a friends parents could pick him up for a birthday party. He came home all happy and with two friends in tow. Their mom picked them up one hour later than planned and they played a little bit and then zoned out in front of the TV.

Monday, December 17, 2007

In Memoriam

We went to a funeral today, it was a moving service and T sat next to me in Church, he was paying even more attention than I did. When we had dinner a bit late tonight and talked about what he thought about it. He remembered all the names of the people who spoke, and looked at all the pictures of Dawn taken throughout her life. I met this lady through her daughter, my friend Dee. Her granddaughter sometimes babysits T. They are great people with great hearts and I surely never will forget Dawn. This year at the relay for life she was there and did the survivors walk. Next year our team will walk for her and light our luminaries for her.
And as always when I hear "Amazing Grace" I have to cry. Luckily I was not the only one and there where enough tissues provided to pass around.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Nine days before Christmas

It is nine days before Christmas and T is wondering what could possible be under the tree? While J was sipping hot cocoa with marshmellows,
I was knitting up a storm to make me a matching purse to go with my sweater for those cold winter days.

I do think everything in this purse stays nice and warm too! At 19.30 I am setteling in for a nice tv special, I will not go into the political aspects or the actions of our President and wheather I do agree or not. But hey, many Presidents lived at the White house and it is an Historical builiding and I am a sucker for Christmas and old buildings. So I wil watch and wish that I could be one of those volunteers to decorate the White house for the season. The waiting list should be gicantanourmous, so I just keep on dreaming!
At least a girl can dream, can't she?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Deck the Halls

The tree is finally decorated, nothing fancy, but it looks OK to us. It took about a week until I had time to put lights and decorations in the tree. Oh, the joys of a working mom!
This weekend we had the second boutique at the winery, and it was a busy one.
Friday night was the Christmas party from my work, and yes I did help close the place down and danced my little heart out!! Only downside was that I had to be up and running by eight the next morning.
And to ad to the Muscle aches from dancing was the cold this weekend, standing on the concrete floor was not helping either. By Saturday night I was really tired and called it an early night.
T and J spend the weekend at home and of course played video games. The weekend came and went and before you know it, it is Monday again and work is calling.
But it is almost winter break, two weeks of free time, and knitting and crafting time. I forgot to mention cleaning and laundry and all that kind of fun stuff.
Now it is time to get the Christmas cards out, I love getting snail mail, and it is a treat to open my mailbox and getting cards. Oh, by the way the count on Christmas cards is still 0

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Sinterklaas was here

Yesterday, I went to T's class room with bags full of goodies, and pictures. I gave the "Sinterklaas" talk. It was a lot of fun, the kids had a lot of questions about our Sint traditions and of course eating the "pepernoten". I even brought a CD with sinterklaas songs. Highlight of it was the slippers T and I gave the teacher. All the kids insisted he try them, but he explained he did not want to ruin them with stinky feet. After checking my mail before turning my computer off last night, I found this in my inbox:
He mailed all the kids (and parents) this picture, and let them know they fit and are nice and warm. Not to even mention the looks of those fuzzy clogs!!
For us I ordered some chocolate letters from the same place the clogs and the pepernoten came from, and a roomboter amandel staaf. So we can have our own little Sint eat feast later today.
Now I am ready to put up our Christmas tree, the lights are already hung outside, and my office is also decked out, but now the big tree and then the holiday season has officially begun!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Secret Santa

It sat on my desk yesterday, my Secret Santa gift number one. Until we have our Christmas break, we are getting gifts from our Secret Santa at least twice a weak. This is my first one, and he is cute!! Of course I am also a "Secret Santa" and it is hard to find little presents that fit with the recipient.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


We went to the beach on Sunday, something we do every once in a while to get some fresh air and sand in our shoes. I always love the beach no matter what time in the year.
Of course I had to bring my camera, this lady rarely goes anywhere without it. So I took the usual beach pictures and sometimes some pictures stand out. Like this one, I wonder what where these three taking about?? I imagine they are "male" and are talking about all the nice "chicks" around them. Or maybe they are "chicks" and are asking the ever so burning question "boxers of briefs" or in this case "winter or fall feathers" :0) And then there was this carved out in the sand, wonder who did this?
And then there was this, just before you enter the trail that leads up to the beach. Here you can pick up your "Mutt mitt" to pick up the doodoo your mutt makes. Luckily it is degradable, the question is when it is going to degrade??? It also states that the mitt is better than a bag. I do have one question for the people that placed this lovely "Mutt mitt dispenser". After one picks up the thing that your mutt has left behind with your mitt, where do you put the loaded mutt mitt?? There was no trashcan in sight, so I guess the mutt mitts are going in the not so good bag brought from home, to place in the trash somewhere at home (preferably outside). Where over time the Mutt mitt degrades together with the.....(ahum) in the not so good bag.
Yep, got it!! Sorry for my ramblings but you have to agree saying Mutt mitt is kinda fun!!

T was making "rocks" out of the wet sand and had a good time watching them disappear in the water. When our shoes where full of sand and our hair was blown to knots we went home and watched a good movie on the TV. A happy Sunday it was indeed.

Friday, November 23, 2007

The Turkeyday

We had lots of fun yesterday, we spend the day with our friends and their family. The view was nice, and so was the weather.
The cars where all parked safely on the driveway.

The table was set,

And then their was the Turkey, 26 pounds of it and that was without the feathers or the inner stuff that is not so tasty.

And after we where all full, the poor bird looked like this, but I can tell you it was really tasty!!
We shared a great dinner and we all said thanks to our neighbors at the table, tears where shed (out of joy of course) and laughter roared. When we came home T even wanted to go to bed. So I guess there really is some stuff in the Turkey that makes you sleepy.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Giving Thanks!

I got this card yesterday, T just gave it to me on the schoolyard when I picked him up.
He did some excellent artwork on the front!! This by itself is a masterpiece because my son does not like to draw! He is the kid that turned in a book report last year which required artwork on the cover for extra credit, with no Art at all. He simply wrote on the cover "This is not a picture book".
And what can you say, some books require pictures, and some don't.
Inside the card, this lovely note that made me teary eyed. Of course I wanted to hug him, but that is a big no-no in the middle of school surrounded with your friends.
All I could do is make those big juicy burgers for dinner as a Thank You.
And as an extra surprise, I got an E-mail with this picture in it today!! Now I have more pictures to share with my Sinterklaas presentation in school.

Tomorrow it is "Turkey day", we are going to celebrate with our friends and their family, and of course eat a lot of Turkey, gobble gobble................

Sunday, November 18, 2007

My Dad and Sinterklaas

Look who came to the Netherlands this weekend, He arrived in the City of Enschede, my town By boat of course, all the way from Spain............

It was a long way from the Harbour to the City center, and City Hall. Lots of people where waiting.

And before Sinterklaas could speak to all the kids and adults about their behavior the past year and if they would get presents or coal or the "roe".

He had to ride his horse through town, followed by his "Zwarte Pieten" and cars full of presents.

And one of those cars is a very old fire truck (A-Ford) and look who is driving that truck.....

it is my dad, I remember as a kid rinding next to him on different occasions on the same truck. So much fun, so many memories.

This time he took one of the neighbor kids, I know for sure this little girl had an amazing day.
She will remember this for the rest of her life, just as my sister and me did whenever we had the change to go with him. There must be some pictures around from me on the same truck. Sadly enough I do not have one. (hint to family members)

Now I am going to put my shoe in front of the fireplace and maybe Sinterklaas will bring me a present tonight. I know it is kind of a long way from the Netherlands to the US, but a girl can dream!!


Meet Shamu our neighbors cat, she is really happy!! Why??? Because the gardener came today and made our yard looking pretty again. Shamu (her real name is Cloe) is just a big black and white cat, hence her nickname. She loves to hang out around our house and we love her. T goes out at least once a day to pet her and of course there is always a snack waiting. Look at the before and after pictures, I just love it.

And I started to knit a pair of socks for T, when I picked the colors of my Raven yarn, I did not know what colors to choose. So there was only one thing to do, call in somebody who could decide for me. one of T's choices was this one, the colorway is called Corby. And I have to say, it looks black, but when you are in the sun it has just the colors of a Raven with his black feathers and the blue green glow over it.

T picked his own pattern and we are knitting and fitting the sock as we go along.
I knitted sitting on the couch under the blankets, I was not feeling good yesterday and after my headache went away over night, I was feeling very cold this morning. And it was not cold at all, T was running around in his T-shirt and gave me the shivers just looking at him.
During the day I felt a bit better and even managed to get some laundry done, and vacuum the living room. Hey, tomorrow it is back to work!! Only two days this week, because it is Thanksgiving next Thursday!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

December lights

My December lights Hat is finished!! I like it a lot and maybe sometime there is going to be another one in different colors.
T did a "show and tell" yesterday at school, it was his day to share something with the class.
After thinking and rethinking his "show and tell treasures" He decided it was time to show his skull hat. Apparently he bragged about my knitting speed, "lightning speed" and explained that he really likes his mom knitted things. Ooooh my boy, how he made my day!
On the other hand, his teacher asked if I could come in and give a "knitting demo". So one afternoon in December I will be the weird mom trying to get a class of 4th graders to knit.
Now I only need to work on that speed.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


We do have a new word in this household, according to T if you have a happy feeling you are feeling "skiddy". He and I were feeling skiddy today. T because it was an early day at school, he had a very good day at school with "lunch on the green". His teacher sits down for lunch on the lawn with the students who have turned in all their work on time, did all their homework and have good grades. To top his school day off his class one the prize for best sales in the fundraiser and are treated to a pizza lunch tomorrow and every student in his class gets a prize! And how about "glow worm candy" you pick up the candy with the tweezers and when you squeeze it, a light in the tweezers goes on to make the "worm" glow. It just makes you "Skiddy"
I am also a little skiddy, my Tam is almost done, I will finish it as soon as this blog is posted and I got my Raven yarn in today. Isn't it pretty?? Who would have thought black could be so colorful?? Now I only have to decide what pattern to pick, to knit up some nice socks!!

And on another Skiddy note my computer is working again, I have had some problems the last few weeks, hey it only took 45 minutes to start the thing. My computer expert gave it a look and now it is all working again. Back to blogging regularly.

Monday, November 05, 2007


It was a nice day yesterday, we went to the movies in and what movie did we see??? Of course the Bee movie! It is a Bee-autifull movie! T and I really liked it, it is again one of those movies that has humor for kids and adults. Tonight I hope to finish my Northern lights tam, just a little bit more to go, the colors changes take a lot of time and there are a lot of ends to weave in.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

There was lots of candy, to much if you ask me.............
Of course decorations, we did not go all out like some in the neighborhood. There was a real Haunted house and they had a party for the kids, T came home with a ghost flashlight and stories from the people who were fire "spitting" outside the house.

And of course there was our scary man himself, there was no name to his costume it was just "scary".
Every Halloween I have to think back at the first time T really knew that he had to say "Trick or Treat" in order to get candy. He was soooooo cute in his Fire fighter costume, made by me with buttons from my dads uniform and his patches on the sleeves. Of course I still have it, this is going to be a family heirloom.
He did not master the difference between the Dutch and English back then. Now he is correcting us on our words and pronunciation. He would just go and ring a doorbell and shout out "Dikke tiet" not knowing what the translation is in Dutch, it just sounds the same as Trick or treat.
But for those not knowing what the translation is, I will give you some time to sit down and swallow any fluids before you read on just in case. So your computer screen stays dry.
"Dikke tiet" means "big boobs". Luckily nobody in our neighborhood back then spoke Dutch!!
As for the latest news on the earthquake, it was a little more that a shake, check out these pictures
And read more about it here