Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Finally, according to T, his Mittens are finished! He simply could not wait to wear them to school.
And on top of it all they got their report cards today!!! T's was very, very good, all his scores went up. And he even made an improvement on writing.
He is such a smart little guy, of course he had to call dad immediately and beg for a video game (hahaha, nice try)
I made some cellphone charms for my friends today, for valentines day.
They turned out cute so I have to make a couple more, and start making T's valentines cards.
And for tonight it is home made hamburgers with fries to celebrate the good report card!!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

My friend is yellow

It is Yellow, it talks all day, likes to view the world from a high place. Preferably the curtain rod, and alternating between rods at both sides of the room and while changing between the sides of my room, he likes to fly very close over my head while squeaking. He makes a big mess from his food, and when it is time to say goodnight he likes to hide between the junk on my table so he does not have to go into his cage.
His name is Blue-wie.


While working on some cards, T came in and asked if I could knit him some mittens.
The first try was way to big, I only have some patterns for adults. But this is the second try and it looks good( so far).
The front has some little cables in it, just for fun.
Maybe I can finish the first one tonight while watching Home Makeover and the Apprentice.
Yesterday, we went for a little drive and stopped at a Starbucks for some coffee and milk.
It rained at the other side of the hills, not at our side of course, I wonder how the plants and trees are holding up after all that cold weather.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Homework and Pokemon

While T is making his homework, I started to knit on my thumb. And then finally my first mitten will be finished tonight!!
We had another cold morning, and a beautiful afternoon, plenty of sunshine although it would be nice if it was a little warmer.
Oh, and we neeeeeeeeed rain, it is getting very dry, we have had very little rain lately.
I love the rain, well every once in a while.
Getting T from school lately is a very long ongoing process, after school it is Pokemon card trading time. All the boys drop to the grass, get out their binders and the bidding for the best card begins.
And then the pokemon-language, it is totally not understandable for me, all those names and things. But it is all the thing lately, reminds me of all the things we had when we were kids.
I remember the little dolls that would fit in a matchbox, and barbies ( the real barbie was to expensive so I got a very cheap version)
And while writing this I remember my little sister insisted on a Boy doll that could really pee out of his "wiebel wabbel". Hahahaha, even writing it down still makes me laugh.
After the whole family went on a boy doll search, Our aunt Aukje found one in Germany.
The first thing my sis did when she got the doll, undressed it and walk around with it showing everybody it was really a boy!
Sorry A, but I wish there where pictures of your doll and you together, it was cute!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Stroop wafels

Yum, I went to traders' this Friday for groceries and they had the little stroopwafels back!! Jippieeee
Of course the bag is already empty. That does not take long, you can't just stop at one. After all these are called Bites, and are not bigger than a rijksdaalder.
And also an update today on my mittens, or better, mitt.
I did not much knitting this weekend, to busy.
My office is clean and organized, that took up a lot of time, and yesterday I wandered my way into the tasting room and ended up helping out because it was sooo busy.
Did I mention my little friend Chardonnay died two weeks ago? I hadn't been back at the winery and yesterday she was not there, the little gray cat that always follows me everywhere and loves to talk. As far as we know she wandered in 14 years ago and never left. Everybody had a soft spot for the little cat. And she loved all the attention, especially when there was an event going on. She would sit in the middle of it and look around. Visiting people who where willing to pet her and feed her dinner scraps. Only meat, nothing else please!
We will miss you Chardy.
Oh, and for the pic of my mitt, the blue line is where my thumb is going to be, I've never knit any mittens like this, so I am hoping they'll fit me.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Finished my hat over the weekend (on Monday actually, but we had the day off). I put it on and then I realized that I needed mittens with it too. And look! one mitten is started already.
Tomorrow it is already Friday, man, weeks fly by, before you know it, it is my birthday.
No plans for this weekend, just staying home and hanging out, maybe I even have time to finish my book. I have to make a display with cards for my lss, that is due next week, and I am planning to clean my office, and get rid of the clutter that is sitting around my desk.
I have the habit of getting things out of the closet and cabinets and then "parking" them next to me on the floor, because I need them for the next hour. Well, hours come and go and the stuff is still there. Time for a clean-up.

Monday, January 15, 2007


Update on my hat, how many yarn colors?? knitting four at once right now.
Next up I think I'll try a pair of mittens. It is cold enough out here!!!


I am totally into knitting hats lately, not the simple ones but with some pattern in it. I so love this one, it is called " We call them pirates.
I made one for both my men, in reversed colors. one on the way to Vegas and one on the way back (hahaha)

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Not so good

Feeling sick, yesterday was really, really bad, I hardly came out of bed, just to make it in time to the bathroom to puke! My headache was through the roof, and any sound or light was a big no, no. And I was hot and cold at the same time.
But with the good care of J & T, I feel better today, not really good, and food is still a big no.
So I spend the morning sitting on the couch knitting my hat that I drew out on Friday.
And as promised a couple more pics from Vegas, from our shopping trip to FAO, price of the big polar bear, if anybody is wondering $4,600 not to mention the shipping if you want to take it home with you.

Friday, January 12, 2007

We're back !

Guess where we went for a couple of days??, just a hint, what happens there, stays there!! J had to go for the CES and we tagged along, it sure is a City full of lights. And you can go around the world in by only visiting one City. We visited New York , Paris en Venice, wathched Lions, Sharks, Piranas and a crocodile from Thailand. And even Atlantis, and I thought the world is still searching for that.
And not to mention all the shopping and restaurants, wow.
T loved to see all the lights and amazing stuff, we also went to the FAO Schwartz store, and I drooled over the Jimmy Shoo store and all the nice clothing. If you have size 000 than you could even go fit some, but reallity kicked in, sorry, but this mom actually has a BUT, and not a models figure ( I love to actually eat my salad, not snif at it)
More pic's tomorrow!

Friday, January 05, 2007


I got a new "do" today, added with my "low lights blond" I got some fire engine red underneath it.
Love it, it is not an all over red, just a little bit.
Lisa knew exactly what I wanted and it turned out great.
I tried to make some pictures of myself in the mirror, but it did not show the color.
Tycho loved his mom's hairdo to, he is such a good kid. Commenting on his mom's hair when he came out of his classroom, and right afterwards asking if he could play a video game when he comes home.............!
We did his current events report yesterday, so no homework for the weekend.
I am still working on the socks, one blue one is almost done.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Cute !!!!

ooooohhhh, the neighbors got a cute doggie, I could not help it and just had to take a picture.
Tycho loved it too, she is so small and funny and cute and fluffy and play full, do I need to go on??
So guess what my wish for my birthday is???( Hint, I did not get one for Christmas.)

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


It was just like a Monday morning, just as J turned the corner, I found out we had a flat tire (again, but now with the other car) No need to wave and scream, he did not see nor hear us.
Call his cell did not work either, turned off.
We called a friend to take T to school, he was late and got a tardy. In the mean time I called AAA and they came out within a half hour. Three cheers for them, he put on my spare and of I went to get the tire repaired.
Of course it could not be repaired so I had to buy a new one.
So far my plans to take down the Christmas decorations in the morning and shampooing the carpet.
I still managed to take down the tree and shampoo half of the family room, when it is dry tomorrow, then it is on to the second half.
Niner is back in the class room today, clean cage and fresh food and a new blanket to boast!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

We played soccer in the backyard today, and spent time in the fort we made behind the couch. So much fun, love to talk to T and read together.
Tomorrow it is back to normal, get up early and go to school for T. Home work is done and in his binder, only four days of school this week. It is a strange feeling that it is already Tuesday tomorrow, feels like Sunday to me today.