Tuesday, January 02, 2007


It was just like a Monday morning, just as J turned the corner, I found out we had a flat tire (again, but now with the other car) No need to wave and scream, he did not see nor hear us.
Call his cell did not work either, turned off.
We called a friend to take T to school, he was late and got a tardy. In the mean time I called AAA and they came out within a half hour. Three cheers for them, he put on my spare and of I went to get the tire repaired.
Of course it could not be repaired so I had to buy a new one.
So far my plans to take down the Christmas decorations in the morning and shampooing the carpet.
I still managed to take down the tree and shampoo half of the family room, when it is dry tomorrow, then it is on to the second half.
Niner is back in the class room today, clean cage and fresh food and a new blanket to boast!

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