Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Homework and Pokemon

While T is making his homework, I started to knit on my thumb. And then finally my first mitten will be finished tonight!!
We had another cold morning, and a beautiful afternoon, plenty of sunshine although it would be nice if it was a little warmer.
Oh, and we neeeeeeeeed rain, it is getting very dry, we have had very little rain lately.
I love the rain, well every once in a while.
Getting T from school lately is a very long ongoing process, after school it is Pokemon card trading time. All the boys drop to the grass, get out their binders and the bidding for the best card begins.
And then the pokemon-language, it is totally not understandable for me, all those names and things. But it is all the thing lately, reminds me of all the things we had when we were kids.
I remember the little dolls that would fit in a matchbox, and barbies ( the real barbie was to expensive so I got a very cheap version)
And while writing this I remember my little sister insisted on a Boy doll that could really pee out of his "wiebel wabbel". Hahahaha, even writing it down still makes me laugh.
After the whole family went on a boy doll search, Our aunt Aukje found one in Germany.
The first thing my sis did when she got the doll, undressed it and walk around with it showing everybody it was really a boy!
Sorry A, but I wish there where pictures of your doll and you together, it was cute!

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Anonymous said...

ja daar zou ik ook wel een foto van willen.
Ach nu heb ik een zoon en die plast ook echt uit zijn wiebel wabbel.
Vraag me trouwens wel af waar die pop geblevem is?

groetjes anita