Thursday, January 18, 2007


Finished my hat over the weekend (on Monday actually, but we had the day off). I put it on and then I realized that I needed mittens with it too. And look! one mitten is started already.
Tomorrow it is already Friday, man, weeks fly by, before you know it, it is my birthday.
No plans for this weekend, just staying home and hanging out, maybe I even have time to finish my book. I have to make a display with cards for my lss, that is due next week, and I am planning to clean my office, and get rid of the clutter that is sitting around my desk.
I have the habit of getting things out of the closet and cabinets and then "parking" them next to me on the floor, because I need them for the next hour. Well, hours come and go and the stuff is still there. Time for a clean-up.

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Anonymous said...

ja, die hebben jullie nu wel nodig 't is daar verdorie kouder dan het hier is (hihiihhi).
Heb je nog voorkeur voor kleuren wol want dan prop ik jullie doos daar lekker mee vol.

Groetjes Anita