Sunday, January 28, 2007

My friend is yellow

It is Yellow, it talks all day, likes to view the world from a high place. Preferably the curtain rod, and alternating between rods at both sides of the room and while changing between the sides of my room, he likes to fly very close over my head while squeaking. He makes a big mess from his food, and when it is time to say goodnight he likes to hide between the junk on my table so he does not have to go into his cage.
His name is Blue-wie.


While working on some cards, T came in and asked if I could knit him some mittens.
The first try was way to big, I only have some patterns for adults. But this is the second try and it looks good( so far).
The front has some little cables in it, just for fun.
Maybe I can finish the first one tonight while watching Home Makeover and the Apprentice.
Yesterday, we went for a little drive and stopped at a Starbucks for some coffee and milk.
It rained at the other side of the hills, not at our side of course, I wonder how the plants and trees are holding up after all that cold weather.


Anonymous said...

wat maak je weer mooie kaarten prachtig

veel liefs wiets

Anonymous said...

Ik ben benieuwd wanneer je een keer een paar handschoenen gaat breien (geen wanten dus), oja en sokken met tenen (hihihihihi).

Ik denk dat Kylian Bleu-wie ook heel leuk zal vinden, denk je dat hij hem even vast mag houden (hihihihihi)

Groetjes Anita en Kylian