Sunday, January 21, 2007

Stroop wafels

Yum, I went to traders' this Friday for groceries and they had the little stroopwafels back!! Jippieeee
Of course the bag is already empty. That does not take long, you can't just stop at one. After all these are called Bites, and are not bigger than a rijksdaalder.
And also an update today on my mittens, or better, mitt.
I did not much knitting this weekend, to busy.
My office is clean and organized, that took up a lot of time, and yesterday I wandered my way into the tasting room and ended up helping out because it was sooo busy.
Did I mention my little friend Chardonnay died two weeks ago? I hadn't been back at the winery and yesterday she was not there, the little gray cat that always follows me everywhere and loves to talk. As far as we know she wandered in 14 years ago and never left. Everybody had a soft spot for the little cat. And she loved all the attention, especially when there was an event going on. She would sit in the middle of it and look around. Visiting people who where willing to pet her and feed her dinner scraps. Only meat, nothing else please!
We will miss you Chardy.
Oh, and for the pic of my mitt, the blue line is where my thumb is going to be, I've never knit any mittens like this, so I am hoping they'll fit me.

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Anonymous said...

Tante Dorien,

ik denk dat ik zo'n koekje ook al wel op kan sabbelen (hihihihi).
Wist je trouwens dat de goudvis van Elmo ook Doortje heet, misschien is die wel vernoemt naar jou.

Groetjes Kylian