Friday, January 12, 2007

We're back !

Guess where we went for a couple of days??, just a hint, what happens there, stays there!! J had to go for the CES and we tagged along, it sure is a City full of lights. And you can go around the world in by only visiting one City. We visited New York , Paris en Venice, wathched Lions, Sharks, Piranas and a crocodile from Thailand. And even Atlantis, and I thought the world is still searching for that.
And not to mention all the shopping and restaurants, wow.
T loved to see all the lights and amazing stuff, we also went to the FAO Schwartz store, and I drooled over the Jimmy Shoo store and all the nice clothing. If you have size 000 than you could even go fit some, but reallity kicked in, sorry, but this mom actually has a BUT, and not a models figure ( I love to actually eat my salad, not snif at it)
More pic's tomorrow!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

TJa maar die modellen hebben ook altijd van die salades met die heerlijk poeder er over, vandaar ze er aan sniffen (hihihihihi).
Vind het wel zielig hoor voor diegene die de schoenen wel gaat passen, die krijgt dan lekkere natte voeten van jouw kwijl.

Groetjes Anita