Monday, February 26, 2007


One of my knitting projects, a bit of lace. I never worked with yarn that thin and fuzzy, but the result so far is wonderful. And I love the color. The picture does not show it but is a green not yellow. It is called the swallowtail shawl out of the fall issue of interweave knits.

And I made these two cards over the weekend, not much but I just had to watch the Oscars. And the coverage started at three in the afternoon. I am a sucker for all those wonderful dresses, and love to give comments on the ones I do not love. And yes, I do cheer if one of my pics wins. Today it rains and I just stayed home and weeded out all of our magazines, in my big effort to clean the junk out, wich came to a halt on friday when I did the toe thing. My toe is doing better, at least the swelling went down and the color is changing from a frighting bleu to all colors of the rainbow (hahahaha)

Saturday, February 24, 2007

oops, I did it again

Yes, it is official I am turning in to my Mother, the clumsy-ness is slowly progressing. After breaking my foot this summer and tearing the tendons, and walking around with some Nerf damage as a result. It slowly was looking better and I moved from my pink Birkenstock (better known around town as the pink slippers) to some boots that are nice and warm and cozy. These are the only shoes I am able to wear, but you don't hear me complain about the boots. I was so happy to move out of the pink slippers.
Well last night, around five o'clock it happened, I decided to put my toes against the coffee table in a very unflattering manner. After uttering some words not to be repeated and the sight of a slowly bluing toe. I drove myself to the urgent care. The verdict, it is not broken but it has a "crack". NICE
Does not matter in what state it is, the only thing I know is that it HURTS. How stupid can you be???? I did not sleep that well, I need one of those little tents that they put over your legs so I can turn without waking up. In the morning it looked even more blue that this pic, and grosser and yes it is more swollen too. Soooooooooo back to the pink slippers. The doc told me to elevate my foot for at least two days, but I am also a mom and that is not possible. T was playing in the vineyards at the winery and we just got him out of there to clean up because of the pool party at three. Hopefully they have chairs of some sort so I can rest my foot, and bring my knitting with me.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

it's just another day

No pictures today, I am working on cleaning out the bookcases from the loft. Do you have any idea how many junk you could accumulate during the years?? Man, it is not even funny anymore. So only the good books stay and all the other stuff I pack in boxes and move to the garage, just because my hubby can not part with anything. Tomorrow I'll get some paint and give those white boring walls a nice color.
A nice project for a rainy weekend. Yay, rain, do you hear our grass singing??
T and his best friend N are in the living room playing the PlayStation, they love having the week off from school and have sleepovers, and to make the sleepover night even better I offered to make Hamburgers and fries.
So, I am going to put the computer aside for today, make the burgers, hang out with the boys and do what moms do best, annoy them with embarrassing songs and ask if they already have girlfriends!!

Monday, February 19, 2007

sock update

It took me a while to get this sock going again, I just can not memorize this pattern for some reason. Than it came to me, why not try it knitting with the magic loop method. Ha, and now I am almost finished with the first sock. On to number two, keep your fingers crossed I have enough yarn for this one.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

What a day

What did I do on that day in the year you get a day older???
Well, first we went to breakfast. Then the boys took me to the phone store to buy some headphones for my phone/MP3 player. Good headphones, not the 'plug-in-your-ear' things that always fall out with every move you make. Hate those things.
So, I was a happy girl for about 10 minutes listening to my music at home, until I decided to drop my phone in the toilet!!!!! I won't go into details but it was surely not funny.
Well needles to say, no more music.
J muttered some words not worth repeating, and we tried to dry the phone, first in the sun than with the blow dryer. And last night after a day of drying low and behold it works again.Than there was my outing with the girls, dinner and a movie was the plan.
The winery donated some cases to a benefit CRAB (yuk, I do not eat anything that comes out of the sea or any other water body) dinner. So the dinner we went to was at the church.............
Luckily they made a steak for me, but everybody else was dismembering crab.
There was a band who after playing some songs felt the need to announce to the whole community that is was my Birthday, and if I could please come forward to hand out the raffle prizes.
After our little "networking" adventure we went to the movies, and watched "Music and Lyrics" loved the movie it was sooo funny and I love Hugh.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines day

Happy Valentines day, T had a big bag of candy to take home.

He is not really a big candy eater, so most of it he saved in a plastic bag. Including the frosted cupcakes he got!

Of course I had to grab into the candy, and right into the frosting, Yuk!!!!

Last night I made his valentines, paper hearts with a lollipop inside.

It stopped raining and it was a very nice day today, but please, our grass needs rain!!

And what are we doing for valentines?? Nothing, as I am writing this I am cooking Hutspot, all we need is a rookworst to make it complete.

We where talking about dutch food last night, T asked what we really like for food, We both said "kroketten" close follower was "bitterballen" and then the whole food thing started.

I even had a craving for Bienenstich yesterday, the kind Grandma always ordered for her birthday.

I wish I had a recipe so I could make it.

We tried to make the Kroketten once, and believe me, no way they where similar to the original ones.

So far for our food, we are having Hutspot in about 30 minutes, with the Hutspot kruiden from Holland.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Rain !

Yay, it is raining today, really raining. It started yesterday with little sprinkles and now we have showers. Most of it falls at the other side of the hills, but we are getting some.

Our garden needs it so much, not to mention the reservoir.

We took a drive this morning and we actually drove past the reservoir to take a look, the newspaper said it is filled only to 4.2% from its maximum. The boys even walked down to the bottom to see what they could find.
The only thing that came back to the car where some very muddy shoes! nice...............

After the ride we went to the pizza place and each had a slice of pizza and a salad, YUM.

And now we are home, I have to race with T, and win (hahahaha in my dreams) and after that we are going to make his valentines for his classmates.

Monday, February 05, 2007

more knitting

There has been more knitting here over the weekend, I started another pair of socks, and another pair of mittens.

One mitten is almost done and I am planning to finish it tonight and start the second one.

for both projects there is one downside, for some reason the sock pattern I can't get it memorized. And the mittens are impossible to memorize because the front and back have different patterns.

But that was what attracted me to the mittens in the first place!
And While I was knitting, T watched cartoons.
Oh, yeah T always begs me to play with him on the PlayStation, one of those racing games, you both pick a car, and then decide on a track and the amount of rounds and of we go!
I am not good at this. I hit every car, curb, wall, planter or whatever there is on the road. J also came in and we are both very bad drivers (on the computer that is), T had a very good time, laughing at his mom and dad competing on the track, of course he had to set it to the maximum eight rounds.
But, I am going to try to beat my son, come on, you got to admit it is really bad that he has rounds of 51 seconds and mine are at a top of almost two minutes!!!!!!!! (some times three) J is better that I am, so my first goal is to beat my husband..............................
Now only to figure out how to keep that little virtual car in a straight line on the road, without shooting from one side to the other.
Tips anyone???????????

Sunday, February 04, 2007


I love T's stories that come back from school. It is so much fun to read about how we can improve the school.
Of course you have to have more recces. What kid would not like to play outside with his friends more than sitting in a classroom? But on the other hand all those playing and yelling kids can be pretty annoying if you have to do math. To improve that situation we just have to close the door! Glad to know he does not want recess all the time, and has some math planned in there somewhere too.
And then the alien story, never knew they looked like giant "sundies" ( you know the ice cream kind only written a little different) The UFO looked like a giant cup with green gooey ice cream.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Bruune heur en bruune ogen

Request to all my dutch readers,
I did hear this song once, years ago ............... ( a gazillion years)
It is by Normaal, and for those who can read "Twents", as you can see it is all about me!!! (wooohaaa)
does anybody know if there is a CD from them with this song on it??????
Pleeaaaassseeeeee...................... (this does not at all fall in the category begging)

Loast kwam ik een vrowken tegen met hele mooie benen
Ze was niet older as 18 joar zoiets ha'k nog nooit ezeene
Bruune heur en bruune ogen
Veur eur zol je deur 't vuur hen lopen
Alles zat der op en der an
Ik wier der gaar niet goed van

refr.: Oooh Dorien, zo mooi as i-j heb ik niemand gezien
Oooh Dorien, zo mooi as i-j ken ik der gin een.

I am trying to teach T my "dialect", sounds so funny, Twents with a american accent.

Watching "Ugly Betty" , love this series. And you can watch the episode online too.