Thursday, February 01, 2007

Bruune heur en bruune ogen

Request to all my dutch readers,
I did hear this song once, years ago ............... ( a gazillion years)
It is by Normaal, and for those who can read "Twents", as you can see it is all about me!!! (wooohaaa)
does anybody know if there is a CD from them with this song on it??????
Pleeaaaassseeeeee...................... (this does not at all fall in the category begging)

Loast kwam ik een vrowken tegen met hele mooie benen
Ze was niet older as 18 joar zoiets ha'k nog nooit ezeene
Bruune heur en bruune ogen
Veur eur zol je deur 't vuur hen lopen
Alles zat der op en der an
Ik wier der gaar niet goed van

refr.: Oooh Dorien, zo mooi as i-j heb ik niemand gezien
Oooh Dorien, zo mooi as i-j ken ik der gin een.

I am trying to teach T my "dialect", sounds so funny, Twents with a american accent.

Watching "Ugly Betty" , love this series. And you can watch the episode online too.

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