Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines day

Happy Valentines day, T had a big bag of candy to take home.

He is not really a big candy eater, so most of it he saved in a plastic bag. Including the frosted cupcakes he got!

Of course I had to grab into the candy, and right into the frosting, Yuk!!!!

Last night I made his valentines, paper hearts with a lollipop inside.

It stopped raining and it was a very nice day today, but please, our grass needs rain!!

And what are we doing for valentines?? Nothing, as I am writing this I am cooking Hutspot, all we need is a rookworst to make it complete.

We where talking about dutch food last night, T asked what we really like for food, We both said "kroketten" close follower was "bitterballen" and then the whole food thing started.

I even had a craving for Bienenstich yesterday, the kind Grandma always ordered for her birthday.

I wish I had a recipe so I could make it.

We tried to make the Kroketten once, and believe me, no way they where similar to the original ones.

So far for our food, we are having Hutspot in about 30 minutes, with the Hutspot kruiden from Holland.

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