Thursday, February 22, 2007

it's just another day

No pictures today, I am working on cleaning out the bookcases from the loft. Do you have any idea how many junk you could accumulate during the years?? Man, it is not even funny anymore. So only the good books stay and all the other stuff I pack in boxes and move to the garage, just because my hubby can not part with anything. Tomorrow I'll get some paint and give those white boring walls a nice color.
A nice project for a rainy weekend. Yay, rain, do you hear our grass singing??
T and his best friend N are in the living room playing the PlayStation, they love having the week off from school and have sleepovers, and to make the sleepover night even better I offered to make Hamburgers and fries.
So, I am going to put the computer aside for today, make the burgers, hang out with the boys and do what moms do best, annoy them with embarrassing songs and ask if they already have girlfriends!!

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