Monday, February 05, 2007

more knitting

There has been more knitting here over the weekend, I started another pair of socks, and another pair of mittens.

One mitten is almost done and I am planning to finish it tonight and start the second one.

for both projects there is one downside, for some reason the sock pattern I can't get it memorized. And the mittens are impossible to memorize because the front and back have different patterns.

But that was what attracted me to the mittens in the first place!
And While I was knitting, T watched cartoons.
Oh, yeah T always begs me to play with him on the PlayStation, one of those racing games, you both pick a car, and then decide on a track and the amount of rounds and of we go!
I am not good at this. I hit every car, curb, wall, planter or whatever there is on the road. J also came in and we are both very bad drivers (on the computer that is), T had a very good time, laughing at his mom and dad competing on the track, of course he had to set it to the maximum eight rounds.
But, I am going to try to beat my son, come on, you got to admit it is really bad that he has rounds of 51 seconds and mine are at a top of almost two minutes!!!!!!!! (some times three) J is better that I am, so my first goal is to beat my husband..............................
Now only to figure out how to keep that little virtual car in a straight line on the road, without shooting from one side to the other.
Tips anyone???????????

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Anonymous said...

Oefenen oefenen en nog eens oefenen. Als er een bocht komt hoog insturen en er laag weer uit (dat is de snelste manier) en rustig proberen te sturen en als je gaat slingeren het gas loslaten.
Wij hebben een spel waarbij het juist de bedoeling is om zoveel mogelijk schade te rijden.
Dan moet je naar b.v een kruispunt en dan proberen om zoveel mogelijk auto's, vrachtwagens en bussen in elkaar te rijden in 1 botsing.
Er is ook een opstelling waarbij je achterin een file moet rijden.
Dus 2 rijen met auto's en wat denk je.
Ik rij er in 1 keer tussen door zonder ook maar iets te raken.

Groetjes Anita