Saturday, February 24, 2007

oops, I did it again

Yes, it is official I am turning in to my Mother, the clumsy-ness is slowly progressing. After breaking my foot this summer and tearing the tendons, and walking around with some Nerf damage as a result. It slowly was looking better and I moved from my pink Birkenstock (better known around town as the pink slippers) to some boots that are nice and warm and cozy. These are the only shoes I am able to wear, but you don't hear me complain about the boots. I was so happy to move out of the pink slippers.
Well last night, around five o'clock it happened, I decided to put my toes against the coffee table in a very unflattering manner. After uttering some words not to be repeated and the sight of a slowly bluing toe. I drove myself to the urgent care. The verdict, it is not broken but it has a "crack". NICE
Does not matter in what state it is, the only thing I know is that it HURTS. How stupid can you be???? I did not sleep that well, I need one of those little tents that they put over your legs so I can turn without waking up. In the morning it looked even more blue that this pic, and grosser and yes it is more swollen too. Soooooooooo back to the pink slippers. The doc told me to elevate my foot for at least two days, but I am also a mom and that is not possible. T was playing in the vineyards at the winery and we just got him out of there to clean up because of the pool party at three. Hopefully they have chairs of some sort so I can rest my foot, and bring my knitting with me.


mamiluc said...

Wat zal die teen inmiddels mooi kleuren bij jouw mooie roze birkenstocks.AUWWWWWWWWWWWTTTTSSSSSSSSSSSS.Hoe krijg je het toch weer voor elkaar?Zeker weer in vogelvlucht in aktie gekomen.
Tip van de dag:Bezint voort ge begint.Das niet van mezelf,zoals je wel weet volg ik die goede gezegdes zelf ook niet op voor de duidelijkheid.Maar goed ik hoop dat je de birkestocks weer gauw aan de wilgen kunt hangen.


Anonymous said...

Pffffff tante Dorien toch, hopelijk kun je wel een beetje lopen als wij komen !
Ik heb daar dus helemaal geen last van want ik laat me gewoon dragen door papa en mama, lekker relaxed.
Mijn benen gebruik ik dus lekker niet, ik wil er niet eens op staan.

Groetjes en een kusje op je zere teen.