Saturday, February 10, 2007

Rain !

Yay, it is raining today, really raining. It started yesterday with little sprinkles and now we have showers. Most of it falls at the other side of the hills, but we are getting some.

Our garden needs it so much, not to mention the reservoir.

We took a drive this morning and we actually drove past the reservoir to take a look, the newspaper said it is filled only to 4.2% from its maximum. The boys even walked down to the bottom to see what they could find.
The only thing that came back to the car where some very muddy shoes! nice...............

After the ride we went to the pizza place and each had a slice of pizza and a salad, YUM.

And now we are home, I have to race with T, and win (hahahaha in my dreams) and after that we are going to make his valentines for his classmates.


Anonymous said...


hier in enschede regent het ook al een paar dagen.

groetjes wiets

mamiluc said...

Geweldige foto's