Sunday, February 18, 2007

What a day

What did I do on that day in the year you get a day older???
Well, first we went to breakfast. Then the boys took me to the phone store to buy some headphones for my phone/MP3 player. Good headphones, not the 'plug-in-your-ear' things that always fall out with every move you make. Hate those things.
So, I was a happy girl for about 10 minutes listening to my music at home, until I decided to drop my phone in the toilet!!!!! I won't go into details but it was surely not funny.
Well needles to say, no more music.
J muttered some words not worth repeating, and we tried to dry the phone, first in the sun than with the blow dryer. And last night after a day of drying low and behold it works again.Than there was my outing with the girls, dinner and a movie was the plan.
The winery donated some cases to a benefit CRAB (yuk, I do not eat anything that comes out of the sea or any other water body) dinner. So the dinner we went to was at the church.............
Luckily they made a steak for me, but everybody else was dismembering crab.
There was a band who after playing some songs felt the need to announce to the whole community that is was my Birthday, and if I could please come forward to hand out the raffle prizes.
After our little "networking" adventure we went to the movies, and watched "Music and Lyrics" loved the movie it was sooo funny and I love Hugh.

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Anonymous said...

Hmm dus je wilt niets eten dat ooit in water heeft geleefd maar je telefoon gebruik je nog wel???
misschien moet ik maar eens op zoek naar zwembandjes voor je telefoon hihihihihihihihhihi
Ach je hebt tenminste nog iets gehad voor je verjaardag van je man en zoon, ik heb hier nog niets gezien en ik ben toch alweer bijna 12 uur jarig.

Groetjes Anita