Friday, March 16, 2007


Meet some of our family members, Bionicles. T's favorite toys and as of today he is the proud owner of this fierce bridge, and some little bionicles. We drove all the way to the Lego store this morning to pick out his present. We thought it was going to be a very long wait in the store, I remember when I was his age, it was so difficult to pick something when we went into the toy store. But it took only a couple of minutes, he knew what he wanted.
The weather here is so nice, we sat outside in the garden for a little while just before dinner. Love Spring, the flowers are blooming again and the trees are getting there leaves. And hey, I am still knitting socks. I figure that I have enough socks for next winter if I keep it up. When in my office I listen to my new favorite music. Click here to listen.
Only thing is T and J insist I close my door when the music plays, because of course I have to sing the songs out loud. But hey, singing makes happy even if my voice is nothing like KT.

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