Wednesday, March 21, 2007


This little guy is my nephew, lately we have conversations over the phone. It are very good conversations, like the ones you need to have every once in a while, with no topic at all.
My sister puts the phone on speaker and then we just give those little high pitch ''squeals" at each other. He goes first, I answer. Fun, fun, fun, the higher the pitch the more fun. The nicest thing is that I can end the "conversation" and my poor sis is stuck with a screaming kid for a while. Hey, been there, done that. Now it is my turn to teach her kid the "fun" stuff!!!!! Just wait until we get our hands on that little booger (hahahahaha) For now we have to do it with phone calls. No need to thank me A, I made myself some thank you notes......................!

Also a sock update, yes there has been some knitting in this house! And because I am quickly bored with one sock I found a solution, knit another one with a different pattern, than go back to the last one. So these are my socks-in-progress for now. The little ones are going to "the-little-man-mentioned-above". The second one is in progress and knitted on size 3mm needles will be finished soon. The blue ones do not have an owner yet, they are about size 4 or 5 so I have to find a little girl for them.
The "big" ones are for me.............. size 0 needles, not going that fast, but growing slowly.

And I am proudly wearing these, they where finished a while ago, but I never got around to showing them. A very comfy pair by the way.

Whoohooo, I am aready eying some stockings for my next pair , the question is, is it going to be the Millicent or the Rhiannon. So let me know what pattern to decide on......

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