Wednesday, March 28, 2007


T: Mom, can you name the triangles?
Me: what triangles??
T: well there are different kinds of triangles.
Me: eeeeeh, long time ago when I did remember this, but there is the "gelijk benige driehoek, rechthoekige drie.............
T: No Mom in English...
Me: nope I don't, so what are they??
T: Well, there is the Isosceles and the Scalene and of course the Equilateral.
Me: The last one that is the only one I understand, equal and lateral, gelijk benig (Ha) T: Do you think dad knows in English??
Me: I don't know, but you go and ask.
T: (comes running down after asking his dad) He said he knew, but he did not name them, and when he does that I know he just does not know!
Me: Yep, I think that's true.
So, just to put this in the category of the commercial we all love
Son goes to school , as of yet an undisclosed amount of money
Getting Son to and from school, a tank of gas, every week
Son outsmarting his dad....................Priceless!!!

And no matter how old you are, blowing bubbles is always loads of fun!

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