Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Just perfect

Ha, on some days one can be so lucky.
I had to go to the grocery store to pick something up. There happens to be a card store next door, and it had a big "going out of business" sign hanging out front. I always wanted one of those card stands for all the cards I make, I walked in and just asked what he was going to do with this one after his inventory sold. It is the perfect size and it even turns. The best thing happened, he said " Oh, if you want that one, you can have it". Yay, I almost jumped for joy right there in the store but gracefully waited until I was home. And now it had a new home in my office, after I pick up T today from school we are going to paint it, some different color than the plain white. Maybe gold, copper, dark blue, I don't know yet. But definitely something other than white!

Talking about white, this is our friends little dog, and yes, she was really clean and white when we arrived at their home, but after a walk in the hills, she looks like this.
You are lucky this is not a "smell-o-puter" because she rolled herself in fresh cow pattie! Of course everybody knows that is the best smell if you want to catch yourself some squirrels and rabbits, only problem was those pesky critters run faster that this ball of (formerly) white fluff.
But for this little dogie her day was just perfect, until the bath of course.

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