Tuesday, March 13, 2007

spit balls

Look what just came with the mail.
T's present from my aunt, Lego's for him and candy of course, loads of drop. But the best part what makes us really happy, Salmiak ballen and lollies. Some candy we do not have to share with other people, all out friends think of these as "Spitballs".
And how do we get to this name. First you offer somebody a candy, they taste it, and it is good at first but hey...... than comes the best part, the center. That is where the spit comes in. There are the really polite people who will friendly smile while turning bright red and swallow, and the "run to the sink or trash and spit out" kind.
T is playing with the Lego and is really happy, what can be better than coming home from school and there is a big box waiting for you on the doorstep.

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Anonymous said...

jaa en er zijn nog meer pakjes onderweg naar ik begrepen heb.
Alleen zul je in die van ons geen dropjes vinden (geen plaats meer voor) maar wel lekkere dingen om mee te koken.
Ben wel heel benieuwd wat Jan van zijn deel vind.

Groetjes Jan en Anita en Kylian