Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sun and Water

Spring is definitely here, the weather is great.
Today the kids all played with the water slide. Of course T could not wait for the neighbors to sett it up, he was all ready to go.
It is so much fun to see them all play together.
The other picture is taken at our friends house, the view is wonderful and I love the tree that is in bloom.
Yesterday night, we went to see the movie "Wild Hogs", We laughed from start to finish, man, that movie is seriously funny. Yesterday was one of those crazy days you can have every once in a while. Went to a fashion show and luncheon at the elks, than over to the winery, it was busy so usually we end up helping out pouring wine. I was dropped of at home, to get my car and T and then we went over to one of our friends houses to get dinner and afterwards we all went to the movies. I was glad to get in bed and sleep.

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