Sunday, April 29, 2007

toe up!

One more pic of our down town, and what do we see at the end of gourmet alley?? Yep, it's my car! I went to my LYS today, and attended a sock knitting class. I always knit them starting from the cuff, but never from the toes. It was easy, once I had seen how it was done. tomorrow I'll take some pic's. It was from noon until four and the time flew by, I was afraid it would be all old lady's, but no, it was fun, and of course we talked and knitted the warm afternoon away.
T's sweater is growing too, not that fast, because a 28 row pattern repeat is not to memorize at all, and I have to cross of every row and keep counting. But it is growing and it is looking great!
Tomorrow it is Monday, T did his book report and has to do a current event report next week. We are on the last two months of school, and we are so ready for summer break. Oh, man how time flies!!!

Saturday, April 28, 2007


We took a walk downtown this afternoon, of course I had to bring my camera.
We saw Elvis, the cardboard version, and empty buildings. The one T is peering inside still has all the old display cases inside, I have seen the old pictures from the inside, and it used to be a general store, one of those you see in "little house on the prairie" Wow, I would love to have a little shop in there. Only thing is most of the old buildings are not retrofitted for earthquakes and are tagged.
And on the other end of the block, we are back in the 50's. I can see the girls in petty coats walking by.

And our old city hall/fire station, now a cheesy restaurant. I feel so sorry for the old building.

After coming home from our little walk, we enjoyed a beer in the garden and fired up the BBQ. Tomorrow T has to mow the backyard lawn, he did the front this morning. He does like it, for now, it is only the second time we have let him use the lawnmower. It is fun to work with him in the garden, we talk and have fun, hey it is the bounding thing. Of course I have to keep track what is going on in his "school" life.
I do now know that one of his friends is on this second game boy DS, just because he lost his first one. T does not own one of these things and was slightly angry about this. The same friend told him he was "a spoiled kid, my dad said so". Then comes the question "what is spoiled?"
Well if your friend thinks that it is material thing, your friend is spoiled. Believe me, I was not the only one to notice that in "friends" house are toys still in the package, never played with because they have so much and are hardly ever at home. Dad works and mom is on an ever errand it seems, always has to go somewhere, or at a party.
Yes, our son is spoiled, because his mom and dad make time for him, but for a Nintendo he has to save his allowance, and at a rate of 3 bucks a day, it can take a while before you have enough to buy what you desire. On the other hand, because it took that long to safe up, it will be unlikely the DS will get lost. So on to the question "what is spoiled"?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

zoned out

My computer is working again, after a few days without I have a serious with drawl. Amazing how we rely on the computer these days. And I am not even a big "surfer". There are about 2 websites I check every day. Hey, I have to check the newspaper online everyday!! I use it more to edit my pictures. Oh, yeah and my radio streams though it. A girl has to have music while crafting. And this was my view this afternoon, T zoned out, totally into his music on the little player J gave him.
On the knitting front, the sweater is growing, I finally finished the back and middle part of his hood, and am working on the front right now. I also tried my hand on some crochet, it is going to be a fun little purse (some day....)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


For some reason I can not upload my pictures now.
And I just took a pic of T's sweater in progress, it is growing slowly, I am working on the hood, man this back section is the longest piece ever! Not that I am bored with the pattern but there is just not enough time to knit these last days. but I am on the last stretch and hopefully I have it done by tomorrow. Than I can start the front pieces.
T took home some old books from the school library that they where handing out to the kids today. He was looking inside the books how old they where. One was from the glorious year of 1980, the year I went to middle school, and the other was get this, 1967. It took a while for T to calculate this, ran upstairs and told J: "dad, this book is almost as old as you are!"
Hahahahahahahaha, and older than me too. Nice those wake up calls you can get from your kid.
"You are how old again Mom??" he asked.
So, note to school, If you really have to send home old books, please black out the printing date?

Sunday, April 15, 2007

just another sunday

We had a full day of rain yesterday, for a moment it was raining so hard it came down, missed the gutters and splattered all the sand out of the patch of garden we have next to the doorway.
But today the sun is back in full force and T and I spent some time out making some pictures.
This is my favorite, it is so T. Sitting and just watching the birds go by in the garden.
Tomorrow it is school again, I always love having T at home and hang out, but I also love for him to go to school and have fun with his friends.
It took him a whole week to clean his room, we asked him to sort out his toys. Every day he would go in for a couple of hours, after half an hour it always gets very quiet. The toy sorting is over and he found something he forgot about and is happily playing with it again.
Oh, how I remember my "clean-your-room" sessions. I was exactly the same way, and when I finally got to the books it took even longer, I just started reading my favorite books over again.
Being sent to my room out of punishment was not so bad either for me, I loved reading books, so I just lay on my bed, looked out of the window every once in a while and read the afternoon away! My sis on the other hand hated to be sent to her room. She would start playing music really loud until the whole situation escalated. Ha, oh those memories (wow, I am getting really old)

remember your parents always saying "when we were kids......." and now we are doing the same thing. So funny, things never change. Maybe I have to start writing my memories down, so T can have them at hand for his kids when he says "when I was a kid" he can also ad ours just to make a point!

Friday, April 13, 2007

there has been knitting

What do you do when your son asks you to knit him a sweater? Drop the socks and start knitting. There were some conditions it had to have a hood. Where do you find a pattern for a kid in his size for a sweater with a hood, that also meets his standards? Well after a little search we found one he liked. It is going to be a sweater-vest with a zipper in two colors blue. And it has this nice cable running all through the back up the hood. And while I am knitting T needs to knit too.
This is his scarf in progress, I have to say it is so nice to sit together at the table and knit while we are having a nice conversation. No TV, no video games, just us and a full pot of coffee and lemonade.

This is Chickee, he was knit just before Easter, he keeps us company

The blue is not as purple as in this picture, actually it is a very nice Cobalt.
Spring break is almost over, we had a lot of fun just hanging out at home this week. We played boardgames. T loves to play Monopoly, and is very good at it too. I am so not a board game player, especially monopoly. And we have some nice talks during this week too. Right now T is watching the newest episode of sponge bob, a nice break from his knitting project, and a nice break for me to. Time to do some blogging and read the other blogs on my list.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Snail for dinner??

Went hunting today, took about a minute, and this is the result, about 20 snails. T and I put them in a container, moved the container to the table and with the macro on I shot some pictures. While we where so busy taking pictures all the snails climbed to the top of the container, it tipped over and landed on my lap...................
So I had to put them all back in the container, while T went inside laughing all the way. For revenge I promised him some Escargot for dinner.

Monday, April 09, 2007


Here are some more Pic's from Monterey, I love the one from T on his flip flops in front of the wall. My little California boy. So typical of him, rolled up jeans, T-shirt and flip flops.
Today we worked in the garden, lots of snails, I have to take care of them, they eat every living plant in sight! Anybody for Escargot??

Saturday, April 07, 2007

got seafood?

We decided we needed a little road trip today, and it just so happened that the Lynx was docked in Monterrey. The ship was used in the pirates of the Caribbean. The weather was so perfect, not to hot and not to cold, not much wind. Only a little clouded in the morning.
We found a very good parking spot (a free one if you know where to go) and wandered out way to the pier. I love the pier, watching all the people and the different seafood stalls along the way.
It is fine as long I do not have to sit in one of those seafood restaurants, I do NOT eat fish.

We saw life crab, in the kind of tank you pick one out and they prepare it for you, T wanted one to set it free! ( my kind of kid) and there where also these, already dead crabs. nice for a pic, but not to eat.

But hey, we found a nice Mexican restaurant and J had his seafood burrito, while T enjoyed his favorite food, steak on a taco, and for me a nice burrito filled with veggies. After our lunch we walked around a little bit, and drove home again. Hopefully tomorrow it will rain, I love rainy days, especially on a Sunday. Perfect for some reading, knitting and crafting.
Happy Easter to everybody.

Friday, April 06, 2007


Check out Blue-wie' new house! now he has more room and he is very happy in it too. It even surprised me, we put it in my room this morning while Mr B was happily flying around in the house. So away with the little cage and in with the big one. He had not much interest in it and from atop the curtain rod he kept looking at us. I could see his little head thinking "weird those humans are giving me a new thing to sit in". In the afternoon I did the groceries and the boys went to a movie. When I came back, Mr B was in his cage happily talking away. I closed the door, so he can get used to his new "Mansion". And here are the socks I have been knitting on for the last week, these are not the kind that are quick to finish. Lots of stitches on the needles, and lots of cables to make. But lots of fun to knit.
the cuff turned so the good side shows.

the back /side view with the cuff up

the front/side with the cuff up. a little bit more that 10 inches now, a lot more to go, so I better get knitting now and watch some TV in the mean time.
Almost forgot to tell here is the movie J and T went to, they had lots of fun, now I want to see it of course.

big and little

What to do with leftover sock yarn?? Make a little sock. I love it, it is sooooo cute. only 20 stitches in the round, and done in an hour. Now to do something with it, maybe make a card to go with it or knit up a whole bunch and hang in the Christmas tree. I started to knit this sock
No pictures jet, but will post them later today.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Oh, lucky day, three packages from our family on the same day...... Sent at different times, months even. But hey, we are not complaining.
Tycho got his b-day presents, Lego's of course, the bionicle from Tante Anita and Ome Jan and the tech Lego from Tante Gerda and Ome Gerrit. They scored big in his book. Even better with his private stash of Wilhelmina peppermint.
While he was building his Lego's he was eating some of the peppermints, one on each side of his cheeks. And with a good report card today he was one happy kid.

And of course we are happy with our food items too, mmmmm I feel some good eats coming on at Easter! If we don't pass out from eating all that drop.
Oma and Opa Boot gave him the pants and green shirt, tante A sent over the sweater. Not such a good present in the eyes of the Kid, but hey, we think it is great!!

And J is soooooo happy with his beer signs, now we have to find a spot to hang them. Oh, no the spot is already picked, they just need to be hanged!
Last Sunday the boys wanted to trick me, anything I was prepared for, but on in the end the joke was on me! They make breakfast and coffee and I get this served in bed.... this is already an action that sets of alarm bells.
I take a zip from my coffee, and it was the best coffee J ever made, but the faces that look at me tell me something should be wrong with it. T can not take it anymore and has to ask: " Mom, how is the coffee?"
I answer that it is very good, and then I recognize the taste in it, Strawberry.
They put a little bit of strawberry powder in it, the kind you put in your milk. Ha, no joke for April fools day, just a new drink for me, coffee with cream and a little bit of strawberry powder instead of sugar, it is good, try it people!!