Saturday, April 28, 2007


We took a walk downtown this afternoon, of course I had to bring my camera.
We saw Elvis, the cardboard version, and empty buildings. The one T is peering inside still has all the old display cases inside, I have seen the old pictures from the inside, and it used to be a general store, one of those you see in "little house on the prairie" Wow, I would love to have a little shop in there. Only thing is most of the old buildings are not retrofitted for earthquakes and are tagged.
And on the other end of the block, we are back in the 50's. I can see the girls in petty coats walking by.

And our old city hall/fire station, now a cheesy restaurant. I feel so sorry for the old building.

After coming home from our little walk, we enjoyed a beer in the garden and fired up the BBQ. Tomorrow T has to mow the backyard lawn, he did the front this morning. He does like it, for now, it is only the second time we have let him use the lawnmower. It is fun to work with him in the garden, we talk and have fun, hey it is the bounding thing. Of course I have to keep track what is going on in his "school" life.
I do now know that one of his friends is on this second game boy DS, just because he lost his first one. T does not own one of these things and was slightly angry about this. The same friend told him he was "a spoiled kid, my dad said so". Then comes the question "what is spoiled?"
Well if your friend thinks that it is material thing, your friend is spoiled. Believe me, I was not the only one to notice that in "friends" house are toys still in the package, never played with because they have so much and are hardly ever at home. Dad works and mom is on an ever errand it seems, always has to go somewhere, or at a party.
Yes, our son is spoiled, because his mom and dad make time for him, but for a Nintendo he has to save his allowance, and at a rate of 3 bucks a day, it can take a while before you have enough to buy what you desire. On the other hand, because it took that long to safe up, it will be unlikely the DS will get lost. So on to the question "what is spoiled"?

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Anonymous said...

Als verwennen inhoudt dat je tijd heb voor je kind zodat je samen in de tuin kunt werken en kunt praten.

Dan zou ik zeggen

Verwen je rot.

Groetjes Anita