Saturday, April 07, 2007

got seafood?

We decided we needed a little road trip today, and it just so happened that the Lynx was docked in Monterrey. The ship was used in the pirates of the Caribbean. The weather was so perfect, not to hot and not to cold, not much wind. Only a little clouded in the morning.
We found a very good parking spot (a free one if you know where to go) and wandered out way to the pier. I love the pier, watching all the people and the different seafood stalls along the way.
It is fine as long I do not have to sit in one of those seafood restaurants, I do NOT eat fish.

We saw life crab, in the kind of tank you pick one out and they prepare it for you, T wanted one to set it free! ( my kind of kid) and there where also these, already dead crabs. nice for a pic, but not to eat.

But hey, we found a nice Mexican restaurant and J had his seafood burrito, while T enjoyed his favorite food, steak on a taco, and for me a nice burrito filled with veggies. After our lunch we walked around a little bit, and drove home again. Hopefully tomorrow it will rain, I love rainy days, especially on a Sunday. Perfect for some reading, knitting and crafting.
Happy Easter to everybody.

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