Sunday, April 15, 2007

just another sunday

We had a full day of rain yesterday, for a moment it was raining so hard it came down, missed the gutters and splattered all the sand out of the patch of garden we have next to the doorway.
But today the sun is back in full force and T and I spent some time out making some pictures.
This is my favorite, it is so T. Sitting and just watching the birds go by in the garden.
Tomorrow it is school again, I always love having T at home and hang out, but I also love for him to go to school and have fun with his friends.
It took him a whole week to clean his room, we asked him to sort out his toys. Every day he would go in for a couple of hours, after half an hour it always gets very quiet. The toy sorting is over and he found something he forgot about and is happily playing with it again.
Oh, how I remember my "clean-your-room" sessions. I was exactly the same way, and when I finally got to the books it took even longer, I just started reading my favorite books over again.
Being sent to my room out of punishment was not so bad either for me, I loved reading books, so I just lay on my bed, looked out of the window every once in a while and read the afternoon away! My sis on the other hand hated to be sent to her room. She would start playing music really loud until the whole situation escalated. Ha, oh those memories (wow, I am getting really old)

remember your parents always saying "when we were kids......." and now we are doing the same thing. So funny, things never change. Maybe I have to start writing my memories down, so T can have them at hand for his kids when he says "when I was a kid" he can also ad ours just to make a point!

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