Friday, April 06, 2007


Check out Blue-wie' new house! now he has more room and he is very happy in it too. It even surprised me, we put it in my room this morning while Mr B was happily flying around in the house. So away with the little cage and in with the big one. He had not much interest in it and from atop the curtain rod he kept looking at us. I could see his little head thinking "weird those humans are giving me a new thing to sit in". In the afternoon I did the groceries and the boys went to a movie. When I came back, Mr B was in his cage happily talking away. I closed the door, so he can get used to his new "Mansion". And here are the socks I have been knitting on for the last week, these are not the kind that are quick to finish. Lots of stitches on the needles, and lots of cables to make. But lots of fun to knit.
the cuff turned so the good side shows.

the back /side view with the cuff up

the front/side with the cuff up. a little bit more that 10 inches now, a lot more to go, so I better get knitting now and watch some TV in the mean time.
Almost forgot to tell here is the movie J and T went to, they had lots of fun, now I want to see it of course.

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