Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Oh, lucky day, three packages from our family on the same day...... Sent at different times, months even. But hey, we are not complaining.
Tycho got his b-day presents, Lego's of course, the bionicle from Tante Anita and Ome Jan and the tech Lego from Tante Gerda and Ome Gerrit. They scored big in his book. Even better with his private stash of Wilhelmina peppermint.
While he was building his Lego's he was eating some of the peppermints, one on each side of his cheeks. And with a good report card today he was one happy kid.

And of course we are happy with our food items too, mmmmm I feel some good eats coming on at Easter! If we don't pass out from eating all that drop.
Oma and Opa Boot gave him the pants and green shirt, tante A sent over the sweater. Not such a good present in the eyes of the Kid, but hey, we think it is great!!

And J is soooooo happy with his beer signs, now we have to find a spot to hang them. Oh, no the spot is already picked, they just need to be hanged!
Last Sunday the boys wanted to trick me, anything I was prepared for, but on in the end the joke was on me! They make breakfast and coffee and I get this served in bed.... this is already an action that sets of alarm bells.
I take a zip from my coffee, and it was the best coffee J ever made, but the faces that look at me tell me something should be wrong with it. T can not take it anymore and has to ask: " Mom, how is the coffee?"
I answer that it is very good, and then I recognize the taste in it, Strawberry.
They put a little bit of strawberry powder in it, the kind you put in your milk. Ha, no joke for April fools day, just a new drink for me, coffee with cream and a little bit of strawberry powder instead of sugar, it is good, try it people!!

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Anonymous said...

Wat fijn dat het pakje over is, na het verjaardagskaartje zagen wij de bui al hangen (hihihi).
Ben blij dat J zijn signs leuk vind, toen we ze zagen wisten we meteen dat dit een leuk cadeau voor hem zou zijn.
Ben benieuwd waar ze komen te hangen.

Tja misschien kun je je koffie idee aan starbugs verkopen (hihihihii) wat zouden die twee mannen op hun neus gekeken hebben.
Wees blij dat hun het gedaan hebben ik had er peper of zout of een likje mosterd ofzo door hebben gedaan. In ieder geval iets wat gegarandeerd een fontein opgeleverd zou hebben.

Groetjes Anita