Friday, April 13, 2007

there has been knitting

What do you do when your son asks you to knit him a sweater? Drop the socks and start knitting. There were some conditions it had to have a hood. Where do you find a pattern for a kid in his size for a sweater with a hood, that also meets his standards? Well after a little search we found one he liked. It is going to be a sweater-vest with a zipper in two colors blue. And it has this nice cable running all through the back up the hood. And while I am knitting T needs to knit too.
This is his scarf in progress, I have to say it is so nice to sit together at the table and knit while we are having a nice conversation. No TV, no video games, just us and a full pot of coffee and lemonade.

This is Chickee, he was knit just before Easter, he keeps us company

The blue is not as purple as in this picture, actually it is a very nice Cobalt.
Spring break is almost over, we had a lot of fun just hanging out at home this week. We played boardgames. T loves to play Monopoly, and is very good at it too. I am so not a board game player, especially monopoly. And we have some nice talks during this week too. Right now T is watching the newest episode of sponge bob, a nice break from his knitting project, and a nice break for me to. Time to do some blogging and read the other blogs on my list.

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Anonymous said...

wat een mooi apparaat heeft T daar om te breien,Anne-Meike wil ook zo graag leren breien weet jij ook of ze dat ook in nederland verkopen bij bertus bv.groetjes wiets