Sunday, April 29, 2007

toe up!

One more pic of our down town, and what do we see at the end of gourmet alley?? Yep, it's my car! I went to my LYS today, and attended a sock knitting class. I always knit them starting from the cuff, but never from the toes. It was easy, once I had seen how it was done. tomorrow I'll take some pic's. It was from noon until four and the time flew by, I was afraid it would be all old lady's, but no, it was fun, and of course we talked and knitted the warm afternoon away.
T's sweater is growing too, not that fast, because a 28 row pattern repeat is not to memorize at all, and I have to cross of every row and keep counting. But it is growing and it is looking great!
Tomorrow it is Monday, T did his book report and has to do a current event report next week. We are on the last two months of school, and we are so ready for summer break. Oh, man how time flies!!!

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