Wednesday, April 18, 2007


For some reason I can not upload my pictures now.
And I just took a pic of T's sweater in progress, it is growing slowly, I am working on the hood, man this back section is the longest piece ever! Not that I am bored with the pattern but there is just not enough time to knit these last days. but I am on the last stretch and hopefully I have it done by tomorrow. Than I can start the front pieces.
T took home some old books from the school library that they where handing out to the kids today. He was looking inside the books how old they where. One was from the glorious year of 1980, the year I went to middle school, and the other was get this, 1967. It took a while for T to calculate this, ran upstairs and told J: "dad, this book is almost as old as you are!"
Hahahahahahahaha, and older than me too. Nice those wake up calls you can get from your kid.
"You are how old again Mom??" he asked.
So, note to school, If you really have to send home old books, please black out the printing date?

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Anonymous said...

Whahahahaha, maar ja jullie zijn ook geboren in het stenen tijd perk, van voor 1970, da's OUD hoor.

Groetjes Anita