Thursday, May 31, 2007


Another week is almost over, it goes way too fast!
I am trying to knit cupcakes for T's class as a last day treat, hopefully I can make enough in time, while I am still trying to get them right. Of course pictures will follow later when I finally figured out a good pattern, I am making it up as I go.
Because I usually only knit at night in front of the TV , there has to be a production for two cakes a day. Keep your fingers crossed!!

And look, my socks are done!!
Yarn: Anne from Schaeffer
pattern: adaption from sensational knitted socks.
on size 0 needle (magic loop)
After the cupcakes I hopefully have picked out another pair to knit.
And almost forgot that I made this little purse too, it comes with a little make-up pouch.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Walking garlic??

Oh, how I love a good parade, especially when T is on one of the floats. The weather was perfect, not too hot and a nice little breeze. J and T got a little flag from the people from "giveakidaflag". Ha, you gotta love the kid part.

and then what other place has a walking garlic bulb on purple shoes and big sunglasses walking the city streets??

T enjoyed his time on the Rabobank float, yes, Dutch readers under you folks, there is a Rabobank in town, and the most funny thing for me is how they pronounce our Rabo bank here!!! It sound like "rob-a-bank"! Can you imagine the teasing that goes on between us when we ask our friend where she works.........

Of course I made tons of pics, but hey, can't post them all.
The parade ended in the park, we looked at all the floats and cars parked there, talked to friends and looked at the two helicopters that where parked across the street. T again lucked out and got to sit in the police helicopter.
We petted the search and rescue dog, (did I mention I want a dog??) and after that we walked to our car.
Tomorrow it is school again, we can not wait until it is vacation, only a couple more weeks.

Sunday, May 27, 2007


I am making purses, just a couple! I saw something similar and thought that I give it a try myself so to make a long story very short. I got out pencil, paper, ruler and all the other stuff and whipped up these little beauties on Friday.
By last night I made four different ones.
Oh, and not to mention the trip to the fabric store on Saturday, I have of course plenty of fabric, from my quilting years. But all are little pieces, fine for quilting but not big enough for a purse.
More pics to come I am sure, maybe I have to open my own Etsy store to sell some because a girl can not use them all!
While I am sitting here I can hear T digging though his Lego's, maybe we have to look into that Lego building thing they have for a summer program at College.
Tomorrow we have the Memorial day parade, I am so looking forward to this, it is always fun to go to an event like that and to run into people and stay and hang out at the park for a while.
They have all kinds of activities and lots of T friends will be there too. One of the advantages of living in a small community.
Now off to enjoy my Sunday behind the sewing machine and some knitting.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

a game a day

Maybe one day, when he practices enough he will win from his dad.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

progress report

I am making progress on the second sock, not that much fun to knit as the first one. The dreaded second sock syndrome. But on the bright side when the pair is finished and I can wear them I will be one happy girl!!
And one more panel from T's sweater is finished also, no pics to show yet.
We are looking forward to the weekend, lots of fun things to do around town and neighboring towns. And maybe I the boys will even go with me!
Gotta go, T wants to watch TV with me ( and I want to knit for a bit)

Sunday, May 20, 2007

a crafty day

Went to my LSS yesterday for a full day of scrapping. I do not go to these events very often, last time I went was more than a year ago. I guess I am more comfortable in my own studio and do my own thing. Why? well I tend to leave things at home that while working I decide I have to use after all.

I started this book, two pic's every month from T for this year, finally ahead of the game and still have to scrap the pics from years ago. That is fun too, don't get me wrong but in this one I have to do two pages in a month, kinda fun.

Of course I did not win anything from the raffles or prize give aways (what else is new?) and even the stickers I got when seated at the table disappeared mysteriously. Now where to be found. Strange............ I unpacked this morning and they are not in my bag, Oh, well........ what can I say.
That is why these crops usually are not my cup 'o tea.
But I did have a very good time, my neighbors where very nice ladies and we had a lot of laughs and fun, the lady next to me took pictures from her son's (age 13) room every day for a period of time (from tidy to let's say not so tidy) and made a crime scene piece of artwork from it. Imagine that boy when he comes home with the news he is going to share a home with somebody when he is grown up, and mom digs out these pictures! Gotta love the face of that boy at that time.
Oh, the sweet revenge of having to clean that room.
Bye the way, T cleaned his room on Thursday and Friday afternoon, and it looks great! I have to say I am a proud momma. And ever since he cleaned he is camping out in his room, working on Lego creations of big proportions. Big posts on this blog to follow I guess.
OK, I need a big cup of coffee to enjoy with some knitting.
Have a nice Sunday!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday, again

Did the dreaded groceries again today.
Started the second sock today too, casted on and knitted two rounds, that's all the time I had today. So just a little note today and post pics of last weekend.
Now I am off to the couch, watch some TV, although I have no idea what is on tonight.
We had the season finale from Ugly Betty yesterday, whoohoo, I can not wait until it starts again.
Have a happy weekend!

Thursday, May 17, 2007


So where did the snail go??
And you got to love this one, it is to count how many licks it really does take.

Not three, that's for sure!

And really, are the BBQ chips the greasiest?? Hmmm I think they are, because I like them the best.
It was so much fun to see all those projects at school. T loves to watch Myth busters , so he was really into some of the projects he recognized from their show. Like the project on the plants growing on different types of music.
Before all the things we learned at the fair, we enjoyed the school BBQ, according to T there was Chicken, Hot dogs and "mystery meat". I only saw the chicken and the dogs, and did not know what he considered the "mystery". Turns out , that there is more meat to the chicken than just wings and legs!!!!!!!!!!!

sock #1

Thursday afternoon, waiting for T to get out of school. Wondering how his science thing went.
And in the mean time finished one sock. It took a long time to knit this one, size zero needles, size ten feet (ahum)
I love how they came out and they fit perfect. Now on to the other one.......

Monday, May 14, 2007


Only a few more days, until T's science project is due! He is all ready for it. J and T even did the marshmallow project. Whoooaaa measuring melting candy!!
And Hey, it is Monday again, for some reason, people tend to call on Monday mornings for a chat.
Love it, the phone rang three times today, I spent my time chatting on the phone from about eight until ten o'clock. With a 9 hours difference in Holland, when the phone rings early in the morning we know it is family or friends from back home.
For next Saturday, I treated myself to a whole day workshop at the scrap bookstore. I am so looking forward to this, now only for what pictures to take for that day...............
I am open for any suggestions.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Mothers day

For all the mom's "a happy day " tomorrow. I will be the one sleeping in (I hope) and then calling our mom's to wish them a happy day too.


A little sock update, it did not work out the way I wanted to. The jaywalker was too small. I finally settled for this one, it is similar but has more stretch to it and it fits over my foot! It took me almost over a week to get the right amount of stitches and a pattern I liked, it is very thin yarn and on needles 0 it takes a while. I love the colors, they remind me of ice cream and they work very well together.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Junk yards you love them or you hate them, I love taking pic's here. Look at that tire, wheeeheee that is what they call "driving on the threads". I guess this one is done driving.
Friday, that means groceries, and I do not like to do groceries.
For some reason it is just not my "thing" and by the time I have to wait at the register I have had it and usually I have to vent.
So almost every Friday when waiting for the register I call J.
Hey, I have to speak to somebody and believe me it is not a good idea to let of steam to any of the workers or your fellow shoppers.
It all begins when parking; Why do people not return their shopping cart in the designated spaces, Come on people there is one of those in every parking-lane. Not more that a few feet from every parking spot. No, just unpack your stuff and then give that thing a good shove in any direction. I do not like the bumps and scrapes on my car as a result from those "cart-tossers".
So I usually park far away, I do not mind the longer walk to and from the store. Hey, it takes only 30 seconds more!!
While entering the store, you have to pry your cart loose from the big row, mine is always stuck, no matter which one I choose and it always has a "wonky" wheel. Of course I pick one that goes strait at the time the basket is empty, but once filled it does not want to go where I want to go.
Next up, shopping, that is not even the worst part, beside from ordering deli meat. 5 people I count behind the deli counter, 5 and not one is making any effort to help me, I scrape my throat, Look at them, and say excuse me to the lady that walks by and looks straight at me. Nope, they let me stand there. But I need something for on my bread I refuse to eat it bare. I think they are discussing who is going to help me, and yes, somebody lost and I can order. This took only 5 minutes. Then the register, Huge store, Friday morning, big lines, yes big lines two of them!!!!
why is it that from the 10 or so registers, only two are open???????? Oh, yes we also have the "self check out" like those are a help. Nobody uses them, not even the people with one or two or three items. They rather stand in line at the 20 items or less counter. Give me a break, the clerk who is standing in the middle of the self checkout is better of helping at a regular register.
I timed it this time, it took 20 minutes from the moment I went in line to actually being helped.
And Yes, those 20 minutes I use to call home and rand all about the doing groceries and the other things I encountered that morning in the grocery store.
In those 20 minutes we discuss why the ... some people open packages in the store and put them back in places they not belong, open stuff and actually eat the goods without paying, bump into you without saying anything. Do I need to go on. ( It helps that we talk dutch, so nobody can understand what the heck we are talking about, I know not very nice of me)
Once home a girl also needs to unpack the whole thing from the car, into the kitchen than into all the designated places. Good things come from it too, do not get me wrong, I love to have everything at home, knowing that we have enough food for yet another week, and that I really can enjoy my cup of coffee once home and read the newspaper and relax, for about half an hour.Now on to the dishwasher, laundry, vacuum cleaner, beds and all the other household chores of the day, and after all that, to my knitting!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Mothers day!!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Got popsicle?

We made a giant Popsicle over the weekend, T and I got a big empty ice cream bucket, filled it with cool aid and water, cut a hole in the lid and used a wooden spoon as the stick.
Freeze over night and voila, ready to eat!
Although that could take a while, it was not easy to hold it like a normal pop, way to heavy.
But it sure is fun to make one!
And the weekend came and went and so it is Tuesday again, the days fly by. This morning we did some gardening and man, it was so hot in the sun. And it is not even summer yet.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

There has been knitting in this house today, I started a new pair of socks. One of the toe-up ones is finished and between the sweater and the knee-high I needed a change of color and pattern. So at four this afternoon I started this one, it is going to be a jaywalker The color of the yarn looks perfect for that pattern and it is easy enough so I can take it anywhere without having to cross off rows and keep track of them. What the case is with my other projects.
And if you ever wonder what happens to the finished socks............ well no matter what the color or the pattern J will steal them and were them. You want proof?? here you go, this is J sitting at his desk this morning and what do I spot on his feet? my socks. they have a lace pattern, and have some pink ( I guess I should call it a shade of Salmon) and he is wearing them.
According to him they are comfy (yeah!!!) and fit perfect (of course we do have the same shoe size) and are better than the store bought kind. Can a knitter ever get a better compliment?
Oh, well I hope this new pair is just for me, but "Real men do wear pink", and he will snag this pair also. And do not think he will wear them just inside the home, he will wear them out to!!
T made himself the scorpion from his Lego robot today, and programmed it too. It will walk through the room and when it comes up to your foot it will sting you and to top it off he make it do this really creepy laugh when it "stings", and then it will walk backwards. So proud of my little computer nerd.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

favorite picture

Everybody has one, a favorite picture. I have to make a LO for my LSS and the word was Festive.
I thought for about a week what pic to use, and then I came across this one. I had to use it, I do not think I ever used it in a LO, just because it is so special to me. Why I do not know, I remember very little from that day, I was in my mom's cousins wedding, this picture was taken while the photographer came up the stairs and we where asked to kiss. I was four, he was four too.
Don't know his name, and never saw him again, in our family this pic is known as "the first wedding picture". Every family member has a copy, mine came from my grandmother and was handed down to me when she died.
Oke, now off to make my LO!

In the name of science

Here the promised pic of my toe-up sock. I am almost finished with it, it has a pink-red color, totally different than the picture. It is a fun little project to take anywhere and a nice break from the sweater. And over the weekend I made this bag, it is reversible to fit my mood of the day (week) I did not have the right stabilizer so it is kind of floppy, but I still like it and it is already in use. Next I am going for the little handbag version, as soon as I find the right stabilizer. Not easy to find around here, I have to make a special trip into the big city to buy it. The fabric is from Amy Butler
And I ordered it online, Love her fabric designs. This one reminded me of my grandmothers wall paper. Wheeee, I always sat in the chair that could turn around and would spin myself until the wall paper had just one color and pattern! Grandpa would sit in his chair in front of the window doing one of his cross word puzzles and tell me that I would get really sick of fall out the chair if I continued!

T has his state tests the coming two weeks and he is doing great (so far). He loves that he has not that much homework during testing, and spends his afternoons telling us every hour that he already finished his work.
On the other hand he has a science-fair project to work on with dad. He picked an easy one (whoooohaaaa I am soooo glad J helps him with this one, I had even sign him off on the paper that had to go back to school. It is out of my hands!!!)
Hold on, his project is "How fast light travels" and in his brief description he wrote " How fast does light travel from here to the sun?"
And the best thing, his teacher wrote after he gave his permission "probably a demonstration"
I can't wait how my boys pull this one off!
I keep you posted.