Sunday, May 20, 2007

a crafty day

Went to my LSS yesterday for a full day of scrapping. I do not go to these events very often, last time I went was more than a year ago. I guess I am more comfortable in my own studio and do my own thing. Why? well I tend to leave things at home that while working I decide I have to use after all.

I started this book, two pic's every month from T for this year, finally ahead of the game and still have to scrap the pics from years ago. That is fun too, don't get me wrong but in this one I have to do two pages in a month, kinda fun.

Of course I did not win anything from the raffles or prize give aways (what else is new?) and even the stickers I got when seated at the table disappeared mysteriously. Now where to be found. Strange............ I unpacked this morning and they are not in my bag, Oh, well........ what can I say.
That is why these crops usually are not my cup 'o tea.
But I did have a very good time, my neighbors where very nice ladies and we had a lot of laughs and fun, the lady next to me took pictures from her son's (age 13) room every day for a period of time (from tidy to let's say not so tidy) and made a crime scene piece of artwork from it. Imagine that boy when he comes home with the news he is going to share a home with somebody when he is grown up, and mom digs out these pictures! Gotta love the face of that boy at that time.
Oh, the sweet revenge of having to clean that room.
Bye the way, T cleaned his room on Thursday and Friday afternoon, and it looks great! I have to say I am a proud momma. And ever since he cleaned he is camping out in his room, working on Lego creations of big proportions. Big posts on this blog to follow I guess.
OK, I need a big cup of coffee to enjoy with some knitting.
Have a nice Sunday!

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