Thursday, May 31, 2007


Another week is almost over, it goes way too fast!
I am trying to knit cupcakes for T's class as a last day treat, hopefully I can make enough in time, while I am still trying to get them right. Of course pictures will follow later when I finally figured out a good pattern, I am making it up as I go.
Because I usually only knit at night in front of the TV , there has to be a production for two cakes a day. Keep your fingers crossed!!

And look, my socks are done!!
Yarn: Anne from Schaeffer
pattern: adaption from sensational knitted socks.
on size 0 needle (magic loop)
After the cupcakes I hopefully have picked out another pair to knit.
And almost forgot that I made this little purse too, it comes with a little make-up pouch.

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