Thursday, May 03, 2007

In the name of science

Here the promised pic of my toe-up sock. I am almost finished with it, it has a pink-red color, totally different than the picture. It is a fun little project to take anywhere and a nice break from the sweater. And over the weekend I made this bag, it is reversible to fit my mood of the day (week) I did not have the right stabilizer so it is kind of floppy, but I still like it and it is already in use. Next I am going for the little handbag version, as soon as I find the right stabilizer. Not easy to find around here, I have to make a special trip into the big city to buy it. The fabric is from Amy Butler
And I ordered it online, Love her fabric designs. This one reminded me of my grandmothers wall paper. Wheeee, I always sat in the chair that could turn around and would spin myself until the wall paper had just one color and pattern! Grandpa would sit in his chair in front of the window doing one of his cross word puzzles and tell me that I would get really sick of fall out the chair if I continued!

T has his state tests the coming two weeks and he is doing great (so far). He loves that he has not that much homework during testing, and spends his afternoons telling us every hour that he already finished his work.
On the other hand he has a science-fair project to work on with dad. He picked an easy one (whoooohaaaa I am soooo glad J helps him with this one, I had even sign him off on the paper that had to go back to school. It is out of my hands!!!)
Hold on, his project is "How fast light travels" and in his brief description he wrote " How fast does light travel from here to the sun?"
And the best thing, his teacher wrote after he gave his permission "probably a demonstration"
I can't wait how my boys pull this one off!
I keep you posted.

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