Friday, May 11, 2007

Junk yards you love them or you hate them, I love taking pic's here. Look at that tire, wheeeheee that is what they call "driving on the threads". I guess this one is done driving.
Friday, that means groceries, and I do not like to do groceries.
For some reason it is just not my "thing" and by the time I have to wait at the register I have had it and usually I have to vent.
So almost every Friday when waiting for the register I call J.
Hey, I have to speak to somebody and believe me it is not a good idea to let of steam to any of the workers or your fellow shoppers.
It all begins when parking; Why do people not return their shopping cart in the designated spaces, Come on people there is one of those in every parking-lane. Not more that a few feet from every parking spot. No, just unpack your stuff and then give that thing a good shove in any direction. I do not like the bumps and scrapes on my car as a result from those "cart-tossers".
So I usually park far away, I do not mind the longer walk to and from the store. Hey, it takes only 30 seconds more!!
While entering the store, you have to pry your cart loose from the big row, mine is always stuck, no matter which one I choose and it always has a "wonky" wheel. Of course I pick one that goes strait at the time the basket is empty, but once filled it does not want to go where I want to go.
Next up, shopping, that is not even the worst part, beside from ordering deli meat. 5 people I count behind the deli counter, 5 and not one is making any effort to help me, I scrape my throat, Look at them, and say excuse me to the lady that walks by and looks straight at me. Nope, they let me stand there. But I need something for on my bread I refuse to eat it bare. I think they are discussing who is going to help me, and yes, somebody lost and I can order. This took only 5 minutes. Then the register, Huge store, Friday morning, big lines, yes big lines two of them!!!!
why is it that from the 10 or so registers, only two are open???????? Oh, yes we also have the "self check out" like those are a help. Nobody uses them, not even the people with one or two or three items. They rather stand in line at the 20 items or less counter. Give me a break, the clerk who is standing in the middle of the self checkout is better of helping at a regular register.
I timed it this time, it took 20 minutes from the moment I went in line to actually being helped.
And Yes, those 20 minutes I use to call home and rand all about the doing groceries and the other things I encountered that morning in the grocery store.
In those 20 minutes we discuss why the ... some people open packages in the store and put them back in places they not belong, open stuff and actually eat the goods without paying, bump into you without saying anything. Do I need to go on. ( It helps that we talk dutch, so nobody can understand what the heck we are talking about, I know not very nice of me)
Once home a girl also needs to unpack the whole thing from the car, into the kitchen than into all the designated places. Good things come from it too, do not get me wrong, I love to have everything at home, knowing that we have enough food for yet another week, and that I really can enjoy my cup of coffee once home and read the newspaper and relax, for about half an hour.Now on to the dishwasher, laundry, vacuum cleaner, beds and all the other household chores of the day, and after all that, to my knitting!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Mothers day!!

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Anonymous said...

Je bent de mensen vergeten die met hun karren lekker de gang blokkeren omdat ze persè in de winkel bij moeten kletsen.


Of zoals wij deze week hadden, je mocht wat suikerbrood proeven dus deed ik Kylian ook een klein stukje.
Staat er zo'n ouwe zak naast mij die zegt: "zoohoo die lust ook wel wat pas maar op straks wordt hij net zo groot als zijn vader!"
Jaaa dat is ook de bedoeling!! Liever net zo groot als zijn vader dan dat hij een bemoeial wordt !!!

Groetjes Anita