Monday, May 14, 2007


Only a few more days, until T's science project is due! He is all ready for it. J and T even did the marshmallow project. Whoooaaa measuring melting candy!!
And Hey, it is Monday again, for some reason, people tend to call on Monday mornings for a chat.
Love it, the phone rang three times today, I spent my time chatting on the phone from about eight until ten o'clock. With a 9 hours difference in Holland, when the phone rings early in the morning we know it is family or friends from back home.
For next Saturday, I treated myself to a whole day workshop at the scrap bookstore. I am so looking forward to this, now only for what pictures to take for that day...............
I am open for any suggestions.

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Anonymous said...

Nou tante Dorien ik denk dat ik wel heel scrapbaar ben hoor en ik heb het vermoeden dat mama wel af en toe een foto-tje naar je toe heeft gemaild (hihihihihi).

Groetjes Kylian