Thursday, May 17, 2007


So where did the snail go??
And you got to love this one, it is to count how many licks it really does take.

Not three, that's for sure!

And really, are the BBQ chips the greasiest?? Hmmm I think they are, because I like them the best.
It was so much fun to see all those projects at school. T loves to watch Myth busters , so he was really into some of the projects he recognized from their show. Like the project on the plants growing on different types of music.
Before all the things we learned at the fair, we enjoyed the school BBQ, according to T there was Chicken, Hot dogs and "mystery meat". I only saw the chicken and the dogs, and did not know what he considered the "mystery". Turns out , that there is more meat to the chicken than just wings and legs!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Mr T we love the Myth busters to

Groetjes Ome Jan, Tante Anita en Kylian